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Just finished Alice Hoffman’s THE MARRIAGE OF OPPOSITE’S!

The publisher describes this as “A forbidden love story set on the tropical island of St. Thomas about the extraordinary woman who gave birth to painter Camille Pissarro, the Father of Impressionism.”

If you enjoy historical fiction treat yourself to this beautiful story!

It was published in 2015 and should be available in your library.

Hoffman’s THE DOVEKEEPERS is another of my favorite reads!

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Last night started reading Ken Follett’s THE PILLARS of the EARTH.    973 pages of small print!  Read almost 100 pages last night and am loving the story!!!!!!  Am sure this will be another long night in his grasp! Have any of you also enjoyed this story?

I have this book in print and it has been on my shelf for years, intimidating me with its thickness.  I read the just-out prequel earlier this month and was motivated to put The Pillars of the Earth audiobook on reserve at the library.  Actually, I didn't READ the prequel.  I listened to that, too.  More and more I am listening to audiobooks and can get through almost one every day or two.  I think if I spent less time online with the screen I would be able to read ink on paper.  I have some real books in varying stages of being read.  Television is not appealing to me lately, so I just carry my tablet around with me in a cross-chest bag while I do chores, outside, cooking, whatever. I can sit on the porch in the sun and listen to my book and fall asleep at night with it on a timer.  It's like being read to sleep.  I find some voices more comforting than others that way.

Authors I am enjoying so far this year are Anne Perry (getting caught up with William Monk and Hester but also with the second generation of Pitts, namely Daniel, now all grown up and practicing law.).  I'm also enjoying Martin Walker's novels featuring Bruno, Chief of Police in the village of St. Denis in modern France.  There are lots of references to local history, food, and characters.  Martin Walker is an Englishman writing about France in English, but he is also a journalist of note, an editor emeritus at UPI with many years experience as a foreign correspondent.  I enjoy seeing that part of France through his eyes and hope to visit there someday when it safe to travel again.

6 Degrees last night in our area near Chagrin Falls, Ohio!

RAPA...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE PILLARS of the EARTH!  Listen on audiobook and now that you mention I will head down to basement and retrieve the discs and start over!!!

Jodi Picoult audiobooks have been part of my life for 2 months.  Leaving Time, The Book of Two Ways, and more.  Now, I did start The Storyteller and had to bail about 2/3 way through.  Holocaust was focus and it was very thorough and horrible.  Needed to learn it for sure but in book form during wakeful hours, not while trying to sleep. Probably the most authentic descriptions I have ever heard.

BAIA...Currently I am listening to Twenty by James Gripando.  The reader is one of my favorites: Jonathan Davis

Our new Library opened this week.  I walked in and ask the staff if I had made a wrong turn and ended up in Chicago?  Just huge with lots of rooms for large gatherings, small intimate meetings and a layout that beams contemporary.  Even an electric fireplace with comfy chairs.

Next time I post will share a few other regular books that I loved: Stay Sharp by Sanjay Gupta for those of us over a certain age.




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