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Anyone giving art (your own or someone else's) for holiday presents? (Solstice, Hannuhkah, New Years, Christmas, Kwanzaa, etc.)  I tithe to the arts, but it also seems like the perfect chance to give art. It doesn't have to be your own art - and when you give art you can be supporting fellow artists.  Anyone a member of art websites where they sell and can buy others' art? Share your experiences with us. I'm on a couple, but haven't listed my work. Are you having success with online sites? Do you worry about people stealing your images? Do tell!

Adele Macy Figurine

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LOVE your handbuilt luminaria, boxes, and tiles, Mudqueen! Are the fabulous hearts boxes or decorative? 

Your workspace is marvelous!!! Isn't it a thrill not to worry about tracking mud everywhere?

I had a wheel and kiln, but not an extruder or slab roller--so cool to be able to roll large sheets of clay to a consistent thickness! What make roller did you get? Are you happy with it?

Is your kiln electric or gas? I had an electric kiln at my home that I used for bisque firing and for some low-fire glaze firing, but for reduction firing I had to go to a friend's studio. Unfortunately, I had to sell the kiln when I built a ramp in the garage, where it lived, for my wheelchair bound mom. Boy, I miss that thing!

It's so nice to have another potter around!

Sorry to hear your things haven't sold (yet), but hang in there! I'd love to see what your cards look like!

Hi, Jan, Those are pretty.

I can now report that I gave some of my art as a gift for the holidays. I had mugs and calendars done with some of my drawings (and also old family photographs.) I think it worked pretty well. I couldn't mention these before because I have relatives on this site, but I think the gifts were appreciated. They looked nice and professional because I had them done by one of those print companies. I also did hats, but those fall under crafts and I will post some of them to the group Creative Outlets." Below is one of the images. (There were 12 - one for each month of the wall calendar.) These are my male relatives: grand fathers, nephews, father etc.




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