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Good for you for doing well under pressure, Carol.  Nothing like a little unexpected command performance! Hahaha.

Yup. Dropping the halt at X and going into medium walk must feel odd. I can only suppose that the change was made because the test is about riding the horse forward at a steady tempo. It was probably found that for riders at that level, the halt interrupted the fluidity of the exercise too much.

Congrats to you and Nathan on doing well. And yeah--where are those darned judges when you need them??? :>) 

Everything is on hold regarding the June 23rd show...I haven't heard from the owner yet as if Nathan is available. In the meantime, the vet did his Coggins bloodwork while I had him on lesson...the funny thing was that after the blood letting, he was more forward! Maybe he thought he was being punished. Through a friend I lined up a stall at the show facility & a ride for Nathan, but can't engage a groom or braider until I get the word. We did 2 good practice tests in an improvised dressage ring (the real one is a mess). I'm not geometrically correct without the letters, but then I can't draw a straight line w/o a ruller and on some days even with it! Patience is not my long suit! Sigh!

Heavy rain all day! My rain sheet is soaked but not Nathan! Sent in my entry form for the June 23rd show and on lesson today we used drawreins. Nathan got the way of moving with them but I had trouble keeping the correct contact. After some antsyness on Nathan's part, we did get forward trots and medium walks and moved up & down with our transitions while keeping the motor engaged. Eight more lessons before the show. 

Fingers crossed for good news from Nathan's owner!

Nathan was on the sick list today...hocks & stifle done 2 days ago. So Ophelia & I worked together. She'd forgotten some of how to bend & move on the bit, but it came back to her. Then we did Intro B in the outdoor dressage arena which looks good but since they raised the height there are some spots where the sand is leaking out and if you get too close it may be dangerous for the horse. Nathan is good to go for the show & I tried on my shipping boots on him to see if they fit him & they do. Have to check to see if I got my entry in on time. 

Nathan was in fine form yesterday although he was a bit anxious about the machinery near the dressage arena. We did a good warmup followed by a fairly good Intro C. Then cooling him down, his owner was nearby & asked how the lesson went, so I told her. She said that was pretty good for a 27 year old horse. I was surprised because I'd entered his age on the entry form as 20! We're a senior dressage team!

Ha! We can only hope that with age comes wisdom!

At least that's what I keep telling myself.... :>)

Last lesson before sunday's show and poor Nathan got a fright as we were doing our canter circle at A for Intro C....a heavy duty truck drove by and some major booms echoed from it. Poor guy jumped up in the air! Needless to say the circle was not round but we kept cantering and transitioned to trot before A and then finished the test. I was a bit unnerved by that noise too but kept going. It reminded me of how I've improved my seat and balance over the last 6 years so that I still was in control and not on the ground.

HOORAH! Good deal, Carol!!!

It's all in the seat. And staying in the saddle and composed through such a sudden, scary interlude is a great testament to a good seat.

I'll have my fingers and toes crossed for you and Nathan on Sunday!

Thanks..but I wouldn't do too much walking if you cross your toes! LOL!

I hope this works..there should be a photo of Nathan aka Nip n Tuck and me in front  of his stall at the show yesterday with all the ribbons we won. The scores were good..A-66.875%, B-65.250% & C-67.188% (I started to fade on C).

The first ride was 9:59AM followed by B at 10:11AM and lastly C at 10:23AM...it was a bit of a struggle.


Congratulations, Nathan and Carol!!!!! 

What a fabulous photo of horse and be-ribboned rider!

Now it's on to Training Level!  Wooooooooooooowhoooooooooooooooo!!!!!




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