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Haha! I love, "I would need a stepladder to mount and a parachute to dismount!"  How tall are you? You look about 5'5" or 5'6" in your pictures--of course, I'm terrible with judging such things--lol. 

Well, then I'll hope for a tall pony who's too feisty for the kids or a short horse to come in. ツ  No harm in hoping.

Halloween is coming! Will you be going to/participating in any Halloween horse activities this year?

I'm a height challenged 5'2" which is why I favor the shorter equines and I've been comfortable and successful with them as a rule.  No Halloween equine activities this year and in fact I'll be on a short cruise up the East coast to Canada when Halloween arrives. None of the information for the cruise has stipulated that we bring the makings of a costume and so if there is some sort of party, I'll just go as a cruise participant. Yesterday Jelly Bean and I worked on establishing and maintaining a rhythmic trot and were modestly successful..maybe it was me counting the beat that helped him. Only one lesson this week as I had a tooth extraction and bone graft on tuesday and was advised against strenuous exercise for 3 days. Have a good weekend. Ciao   

Let's see--passing out candy to children or cruising up the coast of Canada...CRUISING, every time!! Haha! Your idea of being a "cruise participant" at any possible costume party is foolproof and made me laugh.

Great news about Jelly Bean. Progress is good, however modest.

Ouch. Sorry to hear about the trip to the dental surgeon. I hope you're healing well. I HATE DENTIST VISITS! ツ

Have fun on your cruise!

Wassup? Just this beauty!

Danish Warmblood Silver Medal mare Pauline sharing a moment of love.

Two partners acknowledging  their achievement and congratulating each other. Wish I could have had the same moment with Pumba but we ended the summer session with 3 lessons of him demanding control of the reigns and ignoring my aids. Fall session begins in another week and I'll find out if he's changed his mind during the intervening weeks.




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