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Redneck Santa

Redneck Christmas lights.


Santa's new helper.
It is good to see Pru, Aggie. Thanks!


How to decorate a Texas Christmas Tree.

1.Select a string of red chili pepper lights. Wrap the lights around the tree, taking care to keep the bulbs near the ends of the branches.

Wrap a wide strip of rustic red plaid ribbon around the tree in a spiral. Then hang some red chili pepper ornaments to complement your chili pepper lights.

Place several cowboy Santa Claus ornaments around the tree. If possible, get the type of ornaments that can hold photos, and place pictures of your family inside.

Add some bluebonnet ornaments to the tree. Add other Texas wildflower ornaments, such as Indian paintbrush and black-eyed Susan. Add several yellow rose ornaments as well.

Hang several ornaments in the shape of the state of Texas. Preferably, these ornaments should all be different from each other. Vary the color of the ornaments to create more interest.

Put up some animal ornaments. Select armadillos, mockingbirds, longhorn steer, road runners and white-tailed deer.

Add cactus ornaments. Use mostly green prickly pear cactus ornaments with red fruit designs. Also put up some prickly pear ornaments that show the cactus in bloom with yellow, purple or red flowers.

Put on other Texas-themed decor, such as cowboy boots and hats, Lone Star flags, horses and petrified palmwood ornaments. Get a wide variety of decorations in both glass and ceramic. Get some glass balls that have been decorated in a Texas theme and spread these evenly around the tree. Add funky and unusual decorations such as barbed wire ornaments, blue jean ornaments, cow bells and bandanas.




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