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you don't think you're a little bit intolerant or close minded or willfully ignorant perri??  you basicly called us fools if we disagreed with you .. thats not intolerant ?? and close minded because we might see somethin differently than you ?? and willfully ignorant when someone says somethin that you just refuse to believe even if its right ??

i didn't realize i was in the presence of someone who was so much better than anyone else..do you have a license for that ego ??   

maybe we should all chip in and get you a nice foot washer so when you get up on that pedestal you'll look as good as you think you do ..   

well maybe thats not what you meant perri but i recall you sayin you didn't wanna come here anymore because the fools took up too much of your time .. which led me to say there are no fools here , just people who all think differently .. and sometimes i can get everyone to agree with me and sometimes i can't .. but if i can't thats ok .. i'll try to rethink what the issue is all about .. maybe i missed somethin .. but in the end if i still don't agree i don't call the other people fools or liars .. i'll always try to find some common ground if i can .. you said i didn't get when i said that black people helped build this country and deserved a place at the table like everyone else even tho they did some of it against their will .. as if i was bein racist when in fact that was the last thing i was bein .. i'm well aware of the disparity between black and white people and in a lot of cases i think black people are treated unfairly .. and when they say its time for a dialogue between the races i'd agree .. but i think holdin treyvon martin up as if he was martin luther king does martin luther king a great disservice.. martin luther king was a great man .. probably one of the greatest men this country ever had .. almost akin to moses himself in the way he led his people thru an absolutely horrible time .. and thru it all he knew that he would not get to the promised land with them because of all the death threats he got .. yet he soldiered on anyway and guided the movement without violence until he was assasinated .. and to this day i still remember two things that he said and it applies to black and white people equally .. its always the right time to do the right thing .. and he prayed that someday everyone would be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character .. if they want to have a dialogue between white and black people start with those two things and work your way out from there .. because if you have no content to your character or don't know or care enough to do the right thing then all the talk is just a waste of time ..    

I know a conservative who also thinks he is better than some other people.  It's the extremes that are getting us into trouble.  When people stop thinking they are better, for whatever reason, and start trying to understand FIRST, then judge, I think we will be on the road to World Peace.

As ole Atticus said:  Until you have walked a mile in the shoes of someone else....

There is a page on Facebook called Humans of New York.  It is wonderful.  One person at a time you learn about what makes human beings tick.

OK.  Back on topic/


Frenchy you are my hero.  I agree with everything you said 100%.

yeah shadow .. this cartoon is probably predictin the future .. 

Zimmerman plays hero again--this time with good results:



Lucky for them they weren't a carload of "punks"....

Nobody's saying that Zimmerman doesn't desperately want to be a hero, or is incapable of doing the right thing - But this does not exonerate him in any way.

I know that Trayvon should not be dead, absolutely. Nothing can exonerate that which caused his tragic and unnecessary death.

 This just sort of emphasizes that Zimmerman has this "thing" in his personality. His family is probably telling him at this point to BUTT OUT, GEORGE!!!

It's true that he who puts himself out there may make the biggest blunders.

"The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions"....

gee i used to have a friend who had a soul food restaurant where he served really good chitlin's...he named it 'the road to hell' cause it was paved with good intestines




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