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you want to try to make that a coherent comment?

If i really knew what i said i would elaborate ...

So you don't know what you said?  OMG.  Maybe you should stop saying anything.

 Well i really don't say that much because of comments like that . I rather read you all's comments  . Guess I'll learn someday to keep my comments silent .

or maybe actually think them thru...

 You comment away, Wayne!  I understand what you write and I'm an English teacher. 

well i tried to use two different colors and cut and paste your questions and my answers together but when it gets copied it just comes out as one big mish mosh and you don't really know for sure who said what so i have to do it this way .. i tried to leave spaces from where you asked and i answered so as not to confuse anyone but it just moves all the lines together anyway .. its the best i can do .. 

i.m glad you came back perri because i'm willin to go over all this with you piece by piece ..
first off perri , zimmerman was aquitted of murder so can no longer be called a murderer.. you can say he shot trayvon .. or he killed trayvon .. but you really can't say he murdered him anymore .. that charge has been unsubstaintiated with a not guilty verdict ..

well thats a thin line there perri .. zimman was cuffed at the scene that night and taken to the police deptartment under their jurisdiction . in their custody .. he wasn't allowed to drive himself and meet them there .. his clothes were taken from him as evidence and he freely answered all the questions he was asked without demanding legal counsil and was read his miranda rights ..and answered all questions for 5 hours .. his wife brought him some dry clothes and after the 5 hour interogation which he agreed to he was not CHARGED .. but at no time durin that investigation was he told you can leave now if you want to..so in custody but not arrested ?? ehh.. thats splittin hairs .. once they take you in custody you are under arrest , now weather they decide to charge you or not is another thing .. so you could say he wasn't charged and you would be right , but that night that they brought him in in handcuffs he was technicly under arrest ..he wasn't given a choice if he wanted to go or not .. thats what under arrest means .. when they take you and you don't have an option to not go you are under arrest .. he was also told to make himself available for further questionin the next day and to do a walk thru with the detectives of the scene of the shooting .. it wasn't a you can come if you want to but you don't have to .. and he was questioned about a half a dozen times after that and in every case zimmerman complied .. after the investigation was done wolfinger the sandford D.A. decided not to prosecute because he thought this was an unwinable case .he saw it as self defense plain and simple .. and then of course came the media frenzy and al sharpton and jesse jackson and the cries of racism so governor rick scott appointed angela cory as te special prosecuter to the case and she brought murder 2 charges against zimmerman .

actually it was 12 pieces of womens jewelery and a mans watch but he refused to say who the friend was .. and no evidence was found that it was stolen because it was put in a lockup and marked as found , not stolen ..
there's more about trayvon .. like his twitter account that they closed .. his twitter name was no_limit_nigga .. i didn't make that up .. google it for yourself .. there might still be some tweets that didn't get erased but that was one of the first things they did when crump came on board was to seal trayvons school records and his twitter and facebook accounts .. now some of the tweets that i read were just kid stuff and some had refernces to drugs .. sellin them mostly ..and a tweet about him swingin at a bus driver right around the time he was suspended the last time .. it never did say if he actually hit him or not tho .. it just said i can't believe you swung on that bus driver ... and there was even a few posthumously that came from his friends who said we know you whopped that white dudes ass before you died ..so lets see .. his friends believe he did it , why shouldn't i believe them ?? and his school records .. his family wants to claim trayvon was an honor roll student but they sealed his school records ?? hmm.. why would they do that ?/ wouldn't his school records help to bolster that image that they want to portray him to be if he was indeed an honor roll student ?? so if they want to sell me on the wholesomeness of trayvon open his school records , open his facebook account , and open his twitter account , so we can all see the real trayvon .. put up the video's from his phone where he was fightin because he liked it .. or his friends were jackin up some homeless guy and stealin his bike .. and all this is just some of the stuff that leaked out that they couldn't contain .. how much more are they sittin on that we don't know ?? like this is just the tip of the iceberg ..

and how do you know exactly what treyvon was up to that night .. if you look at a neighborhood watch pamphlet it says one of the things you look for as far as suspicious persons goes is someone you don't know who seems to be walkin around with no particular place to go , no sense of urgency .. and on this night it was especially strange cause it was rainin .. why would you be larkin about in the rain .. you'd want to move a bit faster to get home .. so when you see that you call it in .. which zimmerman did .. and after combin the crime scene they found what is refered to as a slim jim in the bushes from the direction that zimmerman said treyvon appeared from in the dark..a slim jim is a tool thats used to open windows and doors ..and that was cerino who testified to that at the trial ..coincidence ?? maybe .. but remember zimmerman did say he looks like he's up to no good .. like he's on drugs or somethin and the toxicology report came back that he was . so zimmerman wasn't wrong about that ..
and you keep sayin he wasn't charged with a crime .. does that mean he didn't commit one ?? or just not charged ??

so , you wouldn't consider havin your nose broken and your head banged on a concrete sidewalk havin the snot beat outta you ?? exactly what qualifies as havin the snot beat outta you perri ?? they have zimmerman screamin on the 911 calls like he's on fire cause he's gettin beat up .. john goode the only eyewitness they have testified to this ..
but ok lets just say for the sake of an argument how many times can you bang a persons skull on a concrete sidewalk before you either kill him or put him in a coma or turn him into a kumquat ?? you seem to be an expert on what a serious beatin is so please enlighten me .. please bear in mind that sometimes it only takes one blow to kill a man .. so if it was your head how many times would you allow someone to bang it on the sidewalk before you said ok thats enough you're gonna kill me ?? PLEASE , PLEASE PLEASE IF YOU ANSWER JUST ONE OF MY QUESTIONS ANSWER THIS ONE .. HOW MANY TIMES CAN YOU BANG SOMEONES SKULL ON A CONCRETE SIDEWALK BEFORE YOU KILL HIM ??

ok perri lets go by the evidence .. trayvon didn't have one mark on him except for a couple of bruised knuckles and where he was shot .. if zimmerman had punched martin first don't you think it would have at least left one mark someplace ?? on the other hand zimmermans nose was broken .. have you ever been punched in the nose really hard ?? if you were then you'd know it can pretty much make you go blind for about 30 seconds to a minute or more .. your eyes can't focus from the shock of gettin hit and the swellin starts right away and you get all teary eyed .. anyone that has been around fights like a boxing ring ( which i was ) will tell you that most fights are won by the first person who lands the most decisive blow .. a good punch in the nose will bring you to your knees which is what i believe happened .. once on the ground trayvon was on top of him and just poundin away as testified by john goode the only eye witness.. there is no evidence on trayvons body that he was hit even once . on the other hand zimmerman took a beatin that left marks all over his head and face ..but there were no bruises on zimmerman knuckles .. this was not a fight .. it was a beatin ..and the only reason why the beatin stopped was because zimmerman shot treyvon .. otherwise who knows what would have happened ?? i don't .. and neither do you ..

so what kind of evidence do you have that says that zimmerman hit trayvon first ?? or even once ?? what do you think happened that night perri ?? do you think zimmerman made trayvon get on top of him so his shirt would hang at just the right distance away from his body so the forensics would matchup with how it turned out and then shot him and then afterwards punched himself in the nose and broke it himself and banged his own head on the concrete sidewalk while rollin in the wet grass just before the police showed up ?? whats your theory based on the evidence ??

and just how does anything in the three paragraphs above contradict anything i said ?? point it out for me ok because i'm not followin you here ..

i got my facts from the same place you got yours .. the internet .. maybe your google is broken because i found it .. some of it is from the sources you said and some from newspapers like the miami herald .. or the daily news .. i should probably start writin it down as i go but i don't think it would matter to you perri because if treyvon came back from the dead and told you himself you probably wouldn't believe him .. you so want to believe that zimmerman caused all this because he was watchin his neighborhood .. yeah what a criminal he is huh .. he called it in and on the way back to his vehicle he gets attacked and who knows he might have been killed .. because nobody can say if treyvon would have stopped beatin him or not .. i don't know , and neither do you .. and thats what the jury had to decide .. did zimmerman believe his life was in enough danger to shoot treyvon ? and they said yes .. NOT GUILTY ..

THANK YOU, Perri! 

It's sad, but they both should have just walked away and gone home, but neither one did. 

I'll use a phrase that Hillary Clinton used a while back on the Benghazi killings "What Does It Matter Now" ....

Yes i know i will get chewed for saying it .....

Exactly.  It is what it is.

I agree with that statement compared to some I've met over the years .....




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