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it was the proper verdict based upon what the law is...not what you would want the law to be. if the outcome of the fight between martyn and zimmerman had been that martyn used zimmerman's gun on zimmerman, then it would also have been a selfdefense not guilty verdict. that's the law and the way it is written. if you want the law to be selectively enforced according to religion or color or anything else, then you have to remember it used to be. the good old days were those where the sheriff arrested people for trying to register to vote because they were 'creating a public nuisance' or where cetain ppersons trying to register for school might be arrested for inciting a riot.

My response is to the laws there, they suck. It is all about race, I know so many who would like that to go away however I believe it was there, race was an issue just like it was an issue with the woman who fired a warning shot, she was black and she was a woman so she is in prison. 

I'm really beginning to wish I was born in another country.

It is sad that the extreme right has gotten so much power in this country when by all the polling I have seen they are a relatively small minority. They are quickly destroying a great country. Making laws that pretty much allow murder is just the start.
Problem, That may be what law says but I do not believe the outcome would be the same.

Lifesighs, you may find another country that is less bigoted than us about race, but you will not find one that is less bigoted about the female gender.  That oppression hasn't made too much progress since Eve got shafted for wanting to know stuff back in the Garden of Eden.

Now thats a great Comment Joanna .....

You are correct about that JoAnna, I was so brainwashed about this country for a long long time, now as I'm older and see how ugly we can be it is wearing me down. Part of what I'm beginning to hate is how divided we are with almost every issue. Back in the days of WWII it seemed everyone loved the country and wanted to defend other countries from people like Hitler. Something to be proud of. The males even liked the fact that the women picked up the slack with Rosie the Riveter. Sigh!

I've heard Bernie Sanders praise Finland so it must be a rather rational sort of place. As for our country, I wonder how much influence the Native American culture with it's matriarchal society had on the women's suffrage movement.


I haven't been able to find a lot of details about the black woman who's looking at twenty years for firing off a few rounds at her allegedly abusive spouse. But I did read about a woman that killed her estranged husband who had just gotten out of jail after calling 911. She had all the paperwork in order and was advised what to do and did it.

and zimmerman will still be paying for his part in this for years and years to come...he is virtually unemployable...and very likely has a huge legal bill to pay ...35 years ago a decent defense for a murder charge was about 40 to 50 thousand..now it likely begins around 250....

and i agree with you chief...given what is presented as evidence, you render a verdict according to the law...not what you feel about it

I agree with you Chief.  Those sitting on a jury see a lot more than we do as outsiders, been there, done that. As the saying goes, it is what it is.

Unfortunately, in this age of Kickstarter, Zimmerman can probably go online and whine about his legal bills, and there will be only too many rednecks who will happily chip in to pay for them - And I'm sure this will be BEFORE Zimmerman gets the big advance for the self-pitying, self-absolving book you know he's going to have somebody ghost-write for him, of course.

Hopefully they do not allow Zimmerman to apply for any more Neighborhood Watch positions. I have a neighborhood watch sign by my driveway but I don't think it entitles me to chase anyone down the road and then tangle with them until I feel my life is threatened and then shoot them. Albeit the jury was not instructed to look at that part, only whether Zimmerman was threatened and not how he came to get in that position. He failed at his neighborhood watch job as a person lawfully using the streets was killed by him.




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