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A travesty of justice!

I myself didn't expect that verdict ....

He had a fair trial. The physical evidence backed up Zimmerman's story. The prosecution could not prove more then poor judgement. He is not a hero, not a murderer.

Those are exactly my thoughts philosophically, Dell.  But shouldn't that poor judgment have at least been manslaughter? If a person runs someone over with a car and kills that person, it's manslaughter, and that's a pure accident.  One would think if someone pulls the trigger, that's more than an accident.

I am still in shock today.

Very well put Crest. We should be responsible for our poor decisions.

Keep this in mind: Trayvon Martin committed no crime. Whatsoever. Zimmerman had a beef with young black males, and stupidly acted on it - And the only reason that he was acquitted was because a very, very bad, emotion-based law protected him.

Look at it this way...Dell: Let's say you walk out of a shop, walk down a dark alley and suddenly some jerk is in your face, yelling that, statistically, you're the most likely person around there to be a child molester - And you'd better prove that you aren't, right then and there. You, naturally, tell your accuser to fuck off. He gets further in your face, you shove him - And according to that very, very bad law, your accuser just got the the legal OK to shoot you stone cold dead.

Does that sound fair to you ?

Crest...Imagine the same scenario with you - Only your accuser feels that, as a white woman of a certain age, there's a "reasonable" chance that you just wrote a fraudulent check at the shop you'd just walked out of. Your accuser doesn't bother to go to the shop and find out if it actually happened - He just decides to be Dirty harry for a few minutes, and the big cold gun in his pocket - And the state of Florida - Says that he's entitled to do so.

He accosts you. You resist. You just pissed off Detective Callahan, lady, So I hope your life insurance was paid up.

The prosecution's big mistake was trying to make this case about RACE, and not about Zimmerman's complete-dipshit lack of ANY qualifications to act as an agent of the law. The "Stand Your Ground" law is a piece of bullshit, a cynical bone thrown to racist pussies and terminally-spooked retirees, upset that the taxes they avoid paying means there aren't enough cops available to hold their hands 24 hours a day.

As a columnist pointed out elsewhere, where was the NRA when this happened ? According to their scare tactics, Trayvon Martin SHOULD have been armed and ready - Because only a "Good Guy With A Gun Can Stop A Bad Guy With A Gun", right ? And the Bad Guy in all of this was - very definitely - George Zimmerman.

zimmerman didn't claim stand your ground .. he claimed self defense .. similar but different .. but then thats what most people think so the untruths just get repeated as if they're true .. i'll admit that the scenarios you provided would give any gun totin asshole carte blanche to shoot up a bunch of innocent people ..would it be so easy to win in a court of law afterwards ?? i don't know .. do you have any examples you could show me ?? but then none of those apply to what happened in this case .. so they wouldn't be pertinent anyway .. 

and i think assualt and battery is a crime .. in all 50 states .. in fact i know it is .. i agree that they shouldn't have tried to make this about race because it wasn't .. it was about your right , my right , and everybody elses right to defend themselves if they're attacked .. and in the end thats how the jury saw it .. even if zimmerman had asked treyvon are you lost ? can i help you find where you're goin ? it would not have been a crime .. treyvon didn't have to answer him if he didn't want to and that wouldn't have been a crime either.. cerino the lead detective asked zimmerman why didn't you just introduce yourself to him and zimmerman said flatly i didn't want to confront him .. i just wanted to keep a visual on him so when the police arrived they could ask him .. thats their job not mine ..but then he lost sight of him presumin he ran away and on his way back to his vehicle treyvon attacked him ..if treyvon was the scared child the prosecution said he was he could have been home in less than 5 seconds and zimmerman could have never caught him .. if he was that scared he could have called 911 but he chose not to .. he wanted to fight so he doubled back .. and  yeah you could try to say they had a fight but there wasn't a mark on treyvon except for a couple of bruised knuckles .. and on the 911 tapes you can hear zimmerman cryin like he's on fire .. the one and only eye witness said zimmerman was on the bottom when he went inside to call 911 . and then you hear the shot . so the question i'll ask is do you know that treyvon would stop beatin zimmerman before he killed him ?? bear in mind that a few good knocks of your head on a cement sidewalk might be enough to do it .. john goode the one eyewitness told treyvon to stop it but he kept right on beatin the shit outta zimmerman .. showed no sign of breakin off the attack .. i'll be honest and say i don't know .. he might not have killed him .. but i don't know for sure .. and nobody else knows either ..unless of course you have some kinda crystal ball and can read the future .. which of course no one does ..the prosection tried really hard to say it was trayvon cryin for help but only one witness said it was trayvons voice .. his mother even his dad tracy martin said no thats not my sons voice when he heard the 911 tape .. his brother said he wasn't sure .. it might be .. every witness for the defense said it was george.. about 8 or 9 of them , includin one black lady who testified from her sickbed to say it was george .. there was just too much evidence that backed zimmermans story ..   which is why the jury gave the verdict they did .. this wasn't stand your ground .. 

I haven't been watching it, I've been ignoring it for the most part. I did read that he was "unarmed".  My comment is that I know a couple of different ways to kill someone with my bare hands and feet. I am never unarmed unless I'm sleeping.

I believe this case should never have come to trial and only did so because of pressure from certain interest groups.

I am quite surprised with the verdict. I know Trayvon charged at and knocked Zimmerman down but he was being followed ie stalked...I would think that would be enough to also be considered being in fear of his life...self defense if you will...Trayvon only had his fists to defend himself.
I don't want to rehash this. But I do think manslaughter was the appropriate charge. I agree with crest that Zimmerman is culpable for his lack of judgement and poor decision making.

Justice was not served, horrible verdict. An adult white man with a gun stalking a young unarmed black...it was murder. Obviously Florida has a different view, if I were black and lived there I would move.

There was a guy here in FL who felt "threatened" standing in line at a Papa John's restaurant because he got jostled in line...not knocked down, not stepped on. He pulled out his gun and fired into the restaurant...I think he missed hitting anyone and thankfully the owner called the police and arrested him.

And we know justice is not the charge of the jury,and seldom is it ever served really.
Yes...this did happen in FL but it could have happened most anywhere with the same outcome.




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