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This is completely just for laughs.... Do NOT think of posting anything serious or thought provoking here...EVER!






I mean it...... :-)

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Well, hell, that didn't work; hey, flipper, how do you embed gif's to this site. (I tried both doing it as an image and as media; neither worked.

I just copy and paste,it seems to work .

Copy & paste the code? Cuz that's what I tried & it didn't work; maybe there's a diff. code I'm missing?

I believe flipper means to literally copy the GIF itself (not the code) then paste it directly into the text box. That's what I did here with your linked GIF.

Yay, that worked, I didn't realize I could just use the copy (CTRL + V keys) function to do that on TBD; I kept looking for a copy icon in the posting box...duh...anyway:

thank u GIF by Amanda

Hey, flipper, now that I've finally got my brain working right on this, do you remember that one gif you posted a while back with Merle (Michael Rooker) in The Walking Dead where he was sitting in the car surrounding by the zombies who were gonna kill him & laughing at 'em & tapping the booze bottle he was drinking from against the window at 'em? I was wondering if you remembered which site you got that from; now that I've finally learned how to use gifs, I'd love to save that one. Thanks.

Never mind, flipper, I found it on giphy, got all signed up with 'em & saved it. Wanna see it again? No? Aw too bad here it is anyway, lol:

the walking dead smile GIF

everything is cool then?

Oh, yeah; went out for dinner tonite & bragged to the little waitstaff gal about my new skill with the gif's. (Hey we old wimmen gotta find our fun where we can, lol.)

Love that Merle GIF! Love the Walking Dead. Wonder how the series will fare after Rick exits.

Double post, sorry




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