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This is completely just for laughs.... Do NOT think of posting anything serious or thought provoking here...EVER!






I mean it...... :-)

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I had a room mate in college that was a medical illustrator student and one time she came home and fessed up that she had stolen a human clavicle. Creepy hunh? Other than that I just woke up from a dream about Brad Pitt.

I love chickens, I so want maybe two or three of them.

I just heard on the local news that there is a "Huntsville Hen Association" that is trying to change the city laws about no chickens in the city limits. They are great watch dogs, etc.

After fifty years of wondering why he didn't look like his younger sister or brother, the man finally got up the nerve to ask his mother if he was adopted.

"Yes, you were, son," his mother said as she started to cry softly. "But it didn't work out and they brought you back."

I cry fowl. "cluck" You looked up my file. I couldn't help it if that biker couple were to wimpy to handle me.

I'm bored.....

Showing signs of Cat Scratch Fever!!

LOVE IT!!!!!




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