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Have you ever wondered where people got their names on the group from?  What's yours and how did you come by it?

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I got my name from the county I live in, which is Harford, and my first name.  Pretty simple.  Like Steve says, easy to remember. 

My name is my real name.When I was on Eons they wanted a different name.  That was six and a half years ago. I chose Merilynn. For lack of a better thought. I thought of lots of great names later. 

Actually I invented it during my frist graduate semester. Back in those days you did your computer programming on punch cards and then ran it to see if it needed debugging. So I needed to be able to identify my printouts from the others. I combined my initials with the name of a cereal ...Trix. Presto..as the rabbit would say...thus I'm camtrix!


Kim is my first name though I've never  used it. I always went by my middle name Dawn. My ex husband was hassling me after we were divorced and I just wanted to be left alone "online" so I made a combination  that he wouldnt think of.  I joined TBD, oh about 4 years ago and only got back on it maybe less than a year ago and I just KEPT the name and shortening it to just "KIm".  (I think before it was a combo of KIM, my maiden name and numbers.)

It's who I am. Period.

Thanks Phil :-)




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