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Have you ever wondered where people got their names on the group from?  What's yours and how did you come by it?

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This time I used my real name. Not intentionally; I simply joined and gave my name....and that's what they used. I don't care. When I was on Eons, I went by USMCMA.....but everyone was just calling me "Ma", which made me feel like I was everyone's mother, which wasn't a pleasing thought. So now I just use my name. It's easier.
Same name I use on Eons. A guy I know nicknamed be that because of. My Irish heritage

I have done a bald eagle watch with the Department of Wildlife for over 20 years and my friends started calling me eaglewoman, so thought it would be a neat nickname.

Del Cor means: of the Raven, it is short for Del Corvus. Raven is at the root of me, it is my clan, my family. I love ravens, crows, and smaller black birds. One of my favorites is the red-wing black bird, I like her song and they way both mates defend the nest in the swampy, marshy lands they live near.
Raven however is ancient and has a place in everyone's psyche, usually of mixed emotions of good, clever, and evil conniving. Raven is first and foremost a connection to the creative act of the universe in which we have arrived and do what we describe as living. Raven calls it that too. Ravens are complex and wonderful creatures, even without the metaphysical and mythological stories about them. A study placed two ravens with two tubes that had food in them. The food could not be reached by the ravens. The scientists added a straight wire and a wire with a hook on it into the cage. The one Raven tricked the other out of the crooked one so as to use it to fish out the food. While that raven was busy, the other raven began to bend the wire to make a hook at the end of its wire, and then used it to get the food out of the other tube. Not just tool users, but tool makers was the conclusion of this study. Makes them as functionally smart as the rest of us.
Mysterious birds, yes, wonderful, mysterious color and so much spiritual power as a messenger and healer, especially a healer of spirit.
More meaning rests in the bird we call Raven.

 i have been called "a" flipper,(referring to my dirtbike days,....i wasn't very good at it).

Oh, my oldest son had a dirtbike once and it was a much bigger one than one of his younger brothers had and let's just say it kicked his ass really good.  He flipped it and spilled over and it landed on top of him.  Even with a helmet he had a pretty bad concussion.  Fortunately, his brother was much better at riding until one day he rode into a tree with his need and fractured the knee cap.  They look like fun, but they can be really dangerous.

Phil my son Joe would agree with you.  My oldest, Pete, gave up riding after that day.  He was the one that was always a wild man on a skateboard though. 

I used to do a little racing in the desert.

i have a dog named Peter

beer   you say?

sure does

I've always been a quiet person. One of my favorite movies is The Quiet Man, a classic John Wayne flick. I tried to use QuietMan as a name on one site only to find it taken, so I established one with the name of my adopted town close to my cabin in Northern Wisconsin and have used it ever since. There are a number of sites where I use it.




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