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What did you do on your last vacation?  My last vacation was 10 years ago when I went to Myrtle Beach with my son, his wife and their son who was then almost 5.  It was fun.  He rented a three bedroom condo from someone where he works.  They all went to the beach the first day we were there and got so sun burned they never went back. Before Myrtle beach we spent the night in Charleston SC.  Looked at all the historic homes on the water.  Just stunning.  

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Summer of '19. My son and his wife took me to my home town in Minnesota and then to the Apostle Islands in Northeast Wisconsin. Lots of fun.

My last vacation was the year before my husband passed away and that was 13 years ago. We took a road trip with no destination in the plan.  Saw some beautiful sites and just randomly chose a road as we came to it. Good thing I am good at map reading.  That was before GPS.

Last vaca. was 2 years ago; we went to a little seaside town that we love & stayed in a place that rented out great little cottages. We'd been going there for years & were gonna go last year but the place went out of business sadly. So we kinda lost steam and didn't go anywhere last year. Hoping for somewhere nice next year.

We went to Fl but that was over 30 years ago. Hubby has had a few trips that were work related where he had fun so that may count as vacations.

January-February 2020. A week before we flew back home (end of February) we got messages from our airline that if we've been to China that we must quarantine for fourteen days. We had planned another vacation for May 2020, but ultimately postponed that to 2021.

Every vacation in the last, oh forever, has been to visit one of the far-flung children, (read grandchildren). I so wish that one day Josi and I would just go somewhere for ourselves. Of course we wouldn't be able to admit it to them.

End of Feb this year went to Sacramento for my grandson's wedding..only gone for 6 days. End of May 2019 went to CA for 2 weeks.. a week in Sacramento and a week in Redlands in SoCal. Went to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach..very enjoyable.




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