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For summer, for travelling, for evening, for going to the market. . .what is new or a good ol' standby that you swear by? Let's share!

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Yes pls. RRC, I 2nd the question. I love lip stains. Pls. advise.
I use Cover Girl Outlast. Heard about it on 'the view' and found it at Walgreens. Inexpensive, good variety of colors [it is sometimes tough for me to find colors since I am a fair skinned redhead] and goes on easy. It also is nice because of the heat, I don't have to worry about them melting in my purse when I leave it in the car, or when I carry it in my pocket.
Dazzling Zoomer Gal Diana I have the perfect eyeliner...goes on perfect everytime ...and doesnt smudge or smear...it is called 'Velvet Liquid Eyeliner' and it has a fine tip like a marker. It costs $13 . And the catalog that I buy it from is geared toward the boomer generation. The website is : timeformecatalog.com and the company is based in Cleveland, Ohio. I LOVE their products. I use very little makeup also...and although my avatar picture shows my skin as a reddish hue....I dont know why...my skin is actually very pale...I use the lightest makeup there is , which is usually fair or porcelain. I use a very light mineral eyeshadow in either an earthy color like a pale brown or light grey...I use liner only on the top lids and no masacara...I use a light concealer and blend it very carefully. I use Redpoint Airbrush effects Blushwhip...it is a firming blush that gives a natural tint to your cheeks ...it is $28 but lasts a long time...you only need a dab. I use good moisturizers religiously..and I use a lip tint also...and I use bareminerals mineral veil over my concealer and blush...no foundation...but I do use a foundation primer...Elysee soft lens firm n' glow...I use this of course under everything else...and I fininsh with Skindinavia make up fininsh spray...it is a very, very light mist of a spray that you spray over your makeup when you are done and it sets your makup perfect all day...it wont smudge or smear....and it is oil free. And all of these things (except the mineral veil) I buy in that catalog.
Do you use Picasa by Google? It's free and easy to use. You can edit your picture.
I discovered that my hands 'have memory'. Once you get your habds on Picasa again, they will 'tell' you what to do. That's 'hand-on' experience.
Cindy...look at some of the lipsticks or lip tints at : timeformecatalog.com
they have a lip treatment called 'kaplanMD Lip 20 Moisture Therapy + SPF' and the colors are: sheer berry, sheer ruby, sheer natural, nude shine...and if you go on the catalog site and you dont see this lipstick in the catalog online...put the name in the search box...you would probably like the 'sheer natural'...I would recommend this product to anyone...it is fabulous...
Cindy, in the actual catalog that they send it is listed the way I listed it...if you dont want to buy without knowing for sure...request that they send a catalog...it took less than a week for me to receive one in the mail. ...or you can call the customer service number on their website and ask them...they can tell you for sure...they might even send you a sample size if you ask them if they have samples...I like that lipstick...I bought the sheer berry...and it is a very sheer raspberry color...light and sheer and natural looking...and stays on for a long time.
Great new hair product
Kronos uses expertly blended ingredients and unique technologies to restore aging, damaged and weak hair. Each formulation features a special delivery system, known as t-sfere technology, that works to optimize the formula's performance. The result is hair that feels smooth, silky and soft, and looks healthy, vibrantly colored and volumized. Currently they are shipping free samples: http://www.kronoshair.com/shop-products.htm
So far this product is receiving rave reviews calling it the Botox for hair.
Yeah! I have baby fine hair. I'll try anything and everything to help it look - err, more. Thank you NTGND. And samples is always a bonus!
I can't find free samples. It looks like they charge $55 for a sample kit...?
Neither could I.
My favorite of all time is i.d bare Minerals. I wasn't sure about it at first, but after a few days of using it, I was hooked!!! People were telling me how flawless my skin looked. I splurged on make up because I don't wear it often and I don't want to feel thick and greasy all over my face. For other products that work for me and are inexpensive are Noxema, Doves Exfoliating Bar, CoverGirls Eyeliner Pencil stays on pretty well and BonnieBells LipLites in Cappaccino. Nothing too much, but enough that makes my face glow. I see a lot of women talking about Burts Bees lip gloss....I think I'm gonna try it. Thanks.




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