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Can you grill it?

Just got to wondering.....

                                      What's the deal with grilling being  the guy's job?

Some men I know can't cook water and yet they are expected to go and grill the steak?   What's with that?  Is there some secret class you fellas take?  

Also...what's with carving the turkey?  I'm sure you guys will fill me in...

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Could we talk remote controls?

What's up with that?

Girls are just as bad as boys concerning the remotes....
Quinn, they have buttons with numbers on the outside and batteries inside and you point them at your TV, not microwave. Are you getting them confused with your cell phone again?
Damn!  I really need to pay better attention...
Seriously I have tried to operate the TV with the phone...;-D
but have you tried to answer the remote?   ü
Not yet, but probably will at some point.  




The rib joint has changed it up for this year....going more upscale with indoor seating and everything.  They yupped it up.  I've been rendered obsolete....my filling-the-little-cups-with-potatosalad job has been eliminated.  Good thing I found that work back in my old career field.

I can understand the tool issue....I have been given plenty of my own but the males in my house always take them, use them and the NEVER put them back. I have at least 3 tool boxes with only a couple of gnarled up screwdrivers in them. 


The men in my life have all been great cooks.  My dad was about as macho as they come but he made an awesome crepes suzette.  Even after we were all married with children, we would still ask him to do a Sunday brunch for us and he would.


Likewise, after being single for such a long time, I've had to learn to do things myself like clean and cover the gutters, paint, take care of the lawn, fix the toilet, and rewire a doorbell (that was fun!).


My new project will be to fix the drip in the shower head.  I'm not crazy about plumbing.

Want to get married?




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