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My oldest grandson Zachary. Just left yesterday for Marine boot camp in S.C.
Shortly before he signed up with the Marines, he went to a awards program at his school. Little did he know that this was going to happen but he was presented with quite alot of scholership awards. He knew of a few that he was going to get but it he told me it was beyond his wildest dreams.
Now heres what I would like your opionions on. There are people who say and have tried to talk him into not signing up for the Marines because of this. (and yes some are family members)
Now Zach has decided on his own that he would put this on hold until he is done serving his country.
Now of course my opinion on this is being a grandma of course. I am very proud of him for the choice that he has made. But other people think that it was a stupid move on his part.
So what do you think? Your honest opinion please?
Oh, and by the way. Every person and company that awarded him did know before hand that he was signing up for the Marines.
Thank you, Carmen

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Thank you Jean. I am very proud of him.
It should not matter what others think. It is between him and his family. He has to live with what ever he decides to do. I just hope him the best whatever it is.
As a retired USN Chief, he is living his life and made a decison. Let him live it.
School can wait. He can also start his education after bootcamp and his formal schooling, once he is settled down at his first duty station. Let him get the basic courses out of the way (It was 75% per course), was supposed to go up to 90% or higher.
Like I told my sailors, get the most out of what the military offers you. Take it all, and reap the rewards for it.
Good for him. My nephew is finishing college, but has joined the Marine reserves and will go to bootcamp next summer.
It was his decision. My sister was a bit angry, but hey, it is his life, and his choice!!!!

God will take care of them.
Hello Carmine:
I think men see this issue differently than most women. Both my sons were in the Corps. I was in whatever they needed at the time it was sort of like lend/lease. However my opinion is that all young people should serve their country for a period after high school. I will say this, being a Marine is about the toughest job in the military outside the Spec. Ops, groups. My youngest was in Desert Storm and My oldest was was issued orders to go just as the war was winding down. My wife was a basket case but she was still very proud of her sons. I believe it is an individual decision as to where to serve but I believe it should be mandatory to serve.
He made the right choice because it is his choice and the awards and scholarships I hope will be opened to him when he returns as they were won on Merit and should be far more appreciated for his service>

I could not agree with you more.
Yes, all young people (guys and girls) should join a branch and see what it is like. I served 21.5 years and would do it again anytime. Dessert Storm, Persion Gulf. 84-2005 I miss it a bunch. I am still in touch with over 1,000+. Served on a LSD, and loved working with the BLUE and GREEN team!!!! Nothing like it!!
He is a Man and he made a mans descession, he did what he felt was best, may be best for him or for his country. Young men like him give me hope that is Country will make it.
Amen to you grandson
Carmen, I just saw this posting, and it raised my eyebrow, not so much because of the timing of events, but because of your concern that he's making the right choice, correct?
If so, the choice is your Grandson's alone. NO matter how much we want for our kids to make the right choice, the bottom line is this: he is following his own destiny...that dynamic is hard to change by anyone other than the individual.
I suspect he was mildly surprised at the accolades he received. Now that he's signed up for the Marines, he may do the same. Yes, he will be exposed to certain danger, but he's is doing two significant things by his choice:
-Serving his country (regardless of whatever one's opinion of the current world events are).
-Setting himself up for even greater rewards.
I guess I'm a bit biased (yes, even I was a bit taken back when my 19 year old baby girl decided to join the Navy last year. She was determined to do that despite my misgivings. Ultimately, I was the person who administered the oath of enlistment to her...and I was damned proud, yet still apprehensive...she is a lovely fem.
Now she is disciplined, single minded on her life's purpose at this time of her life and is so focused in her new path...she is already applying to go to college while she's in the Navy to become a registered nurse at the military's expense. Wow.
Why am I telling you this? Simply, because we never really know the OUTCOME of our loved one's CHOICES. Hopefully, fate will smile on your Grandson and his choice to serve, and hopefully be rightfully rewarded for that choice.
First it his decission(sp) and no one else. If he is comfortable with it, then it is settled. I am in awe of his love of country. Be proud ME ME...Your grandson follows in the steps of many before him. Our freedom was bought with the courage of men and women since our conception as a nation. I served in NAM and after and was proud to do so. Support him with love and lots of letters, God those letters were so important. May God bless your young Marine, his family and this Nation.
With Awe and respect
If those who gave the awards are willing to wait until he gets back then I think he should serve his country. He did make the commitment and should not back out IMO. We never know where the paths we take will lead us but something tells me he is on the right path.
Carmen, Just as quite a few posts here say, encourge him to get everything he can while in the Corps. Like Abby, I am a former chief in the USN. I did 9 years and came out with a degree inhand. Everything I learned there has helped me suceed afterward. Two of my sons have served as well, one in the gulf for 14 months. Be proud of him, and please support him with those letters and emails. They measn more than you can know. Semper Fi.
Your grandson shows a great deal of character in the choice he has made. He will have a better view of the important things in life when he comes out. Wish we had more like him.
First I applaud the parents that raised this young man. He sound like the kind of young man that any grandmother would be proud of. He has a good head on his shoulders and will successful in whatever his evendeavers are. The Marine corp will be lucky to land him. I have a grand daughter that at 19 has no idea OR reason she should find a job or go to school. My daughter has spoiled her shamefully. She parties all night and sleeps all day. Now that is a kid to worry about, not a child that is serving his country. God Bless




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