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New and unfamiliar words and phrases. Sound like you know what you're talking about, even when you don't! Hopefully, we can do this in an intersting way, that will make us smile as well as learn.

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Scuppernong (also called "scuppernine" or "suscadine" in parts of Georgia, and "suppeydine" or "scuppeydime" in central and Western North Carolina), is a large type of muscadine, a type of grape native to the southeastern United States. It is usually a greenish or bronze color and is similar in appearance and texture to a white grape, but rounder and about 50% larger and first known as the 'big white grape'.

I had to look this one up. It's in a book I'm reading.

Did someone eat all the scuppernongs?

1. Bad handwriting.
2. Incorrect spelling.

Bob was an expert in cacogrpahy because he was able to tell the future from reading piles of feces.
Nick, I am beginning to worry about myself. Your definitions always make perfect sense to me.
1.Presenting favorable circumstances or conditions.
2.Favorably inclined; gracious; benevolent.

Alan, formerly bald, successfully used a hair restoring product and was looking particularly propitious.
Given to or marked by deliberate deceptiveness in behavior or speech.

There are days when I think human beings are nothing but duplicitous primates. (sigh)
Arse. Irish for ass :)
Vocabulary from Canterbury Tales
assay (verb) – to examine by trial or experiment; to put to a test
assiduously (adj.) – unceasing; persistent
concupiscence (noun) – a strong desire, especially sexual desire; lust
grandiloquent (adj.) – pompous or bombastic in speech or expression; lofty in style
incalescent (adj.) – growing hotter or more ardent
opprobrium (noun) – disgrace arising from exceedingly shameful conduct
senescence (noun) – the process of growing old; aging
1.Someone who takes part in a conversation, often formally or officially.
2.The performer in a minstrel show who is placed midway between the end men and engages in banter with them.

An interlocutor is the name of the guy in a hotel whose responsibility it is to close all those doors between adjoining rooms.
1. Capable of producing offspring or vegetation; fruitful; prolific.
2. Intellectually productive or inventive.

Fecund were the first words of a popular German song: Fecund make It If We Try.
naguality- nagual =undefined concepts (Cherokee)

In Mesoamerican folk religion a Nagual or Nahual (both pronounced [na'wal]) is a human being who has the power to magically turn him- or herself into an animal form, most commonly donkey, turkey and dogs,[1] but also other and more powerful animals. The Nagual can then use his powers for good or for evil causes according to his personality[2]. The specific beliefs vary within Mesoamerica, but the general concept of nahualism is thought to be pan-mesoamerican. It is also believed to be linked with pre-columbian shamanistic practices since depictions of humans transforming themselves into animals are known as early as in the Olmec culture.

What is a Nagual?
The concept of a nagual is that which is non-material. In Toltec teachings, tonal is all that is material and can be known. So, from the legend of Smokey Mirror, seeing the night sky, seeing the stars and the space between the stars, we can say that the stars are the tonal. That would be reflected in us as cells, atom, material parts of our body, and what forms us in terms of flesh and blood and ideas.

The nagual is all that we cannot know, that gives life to that form. So when you refer to someone, a man or woman, as a nagual, you are talking about someone who is in touch, aligned with the unknowable; who perceives life, from that point of view.

Many of the dictionaries I consulted have no mention of the word. The few I did find a citation for, indicated that the word is obsolete.
thx...never heard about the neli root.

Maybe you can have a nelicure instead of a pedicure. lol




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