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And expect the same treatment in return!!

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Have to disagree here, Wanda. I have often told Steve that's he's "mine" and he's "never getting away". Not only do I imply ownership, but to make matters worse, it's involuntary!
Yep Wylde, my wife and I belong to each other and I think I can speak for her when I say: we like it that way. If I didn't want it that way I'd be single.
What does that mean exactly? I hear a lot of people these days talking about "respect", but I'm not sure what they mean by it. Most people in society don't treat each other respectfully, in my estimation. There is no common consideration for people on the street. Everyone is only concerned with themselves. I think respect involves thinking beyond yourself - considering what might be good for someone else, rather than always calculating how your actions will eventually benefit you.
That sounds familiar somehow...where have I heard that before?
I put in the tag "relationships". I meant it to mean between a husband and wife. It could also mean between gay couples. Not that there's anything wrong with that. :)
It's sad Maggie. Too many parents aren't teaching their children to respect or to be kind and thoughtful of others feelings.
Maggie, this is from recent experience and it just dawned on me. We all know tv has a huge influence on children, more often than not it's negative. We kept our 6 year old granddaughter (Nikki) last weekend. There's a show on Nickelodean called "i Carly" which Nikki insisted on watching. There were several episodes on in a row. I was happy because it kept Nikki out of my hair, which is the way most parents feel. Maybe the 3rd or 4th episode I sat and caught a glimpse of this show. Carly is a teenaged girl. She has a little wise-assed girlfriend with the most disrespectful, smart-alecky tone in her voice I've ever seen. Nikki was repeating everything this little b.... said, and with the same tone.

It's now very clear to my wife and I where Nikki got her attitude. We'll see her and her mom and dad tomorrow. Her dad already prohibits her from watching Spongebob. I don't think he's seen "Carly" yet. We'll fill him in, I don't think she'll be watching Carly again.
I don't give of my respect freely. I'm courteous to strangers in the street and respect the fact that they haven't been given the opportunity to earn my respect.
To Wyld Abandon --- Regarding "What does this mean? ..." Beautifully stated:)
I treat my husband like a King and he treats me like a Queen.
Bingo! Notice she said MY husband. Implies ownership.
treat a man with respect? you have to be kidding. I respected my Mom and Dad. Husbands are equal or they disappear




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