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Men usually can kick back, have a beer, watch a game, whatever. Women, do you feel guilty if you're tired and just want to put your feet up? Read a book, take a nap, just be left alone?
And are you able to do this...without interruption or a guilt trip? Don't you think you deserve it?

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Cmon Maria, not even a little guilt? I'll let you in on a dirty little "man" secret, Centurys ago, ancient scientists were able to breed guilt into all females. Now, go get me a beer and finsish those dishes.
I think every single women out there enjoy this luxury for sure without interruption ;-)
Yes, and they deserve it! They just need to know it!
No guilt... this one is impervious to that. No one to interrupt me unless my cat jumps onto my stomach.

I feel uniquely privileged to have given myself permission to do the things I like to do when I want to do them. That means a lot of little things get put off until I am good and ready... ironing, housework... if they get in the way of a visit with friends or a good book or a walk - or my TBD time!
Here's a prime example. We live on the PA/OH border, we've never had good cell phone signal here. Sprint sent us a "mini tower" that hooks to our high speed internet. UPS delivered it this afternoon. Kittycat got it all hooked up while I napped. She doesn't need to feel guilty now.
Feel guility---about what!!!!! being tired, Yes women get tired, and we rest. We sometime make the most money. God, what a question. I had a looong week. Back to my nap. sheeh
Day in. Day out.
I used to feel guilty. The guilt has lessened with each passing year until it no longer exists. I think I'll go and put my feet up now and watch one of the new shows that I've taped from last week. Gee, I don't even rush to watch the new fall season shows any more. Easy does it! (And by the way, I only hooked up the new "mini tower" so I wouldn't have to listen to Lar's moaning & groaning & sighing. Sheesh!! What a baby. lmao)
Who else tapes NEWS shows and watches them one week later? Next she'll be taping the weather.
So what is the weather going to be yesterday?
I'll reply to this as soon as I finish fixing my fiancee's breakfast for her. Wakey Wakey, Sweetie-Pie!




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