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I'm popping back after a nasty bout with the flu

to see if anyone gets the blues from little or no sunshine.

Normally I do not but this time I figured I was sick anyway

so I bundled up and hauled my  sorry ass outside to a frosty

cold recycled green plastic garden chair and sat in the sporadic

sunshine that filtered through the clouds and It felt so good 

to have warmth on my face.

 I pondered on how it felt for some folk to feel  the need of light  

and how depressed they were not to get sunlight.  I never had this problem.

 I hear that it is quite serious for some and I thank my lucky stars I can find almost

anything to jolt me to happy thoughts.  How about you..do the winter blues "bug" you?

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What are "winter blues"?  Nobody here has ever seen snow nor really cold temperatures.  Way up in the mountains you will need a jacket in the night but here in Rio Claro I can run around my yard in the buff at 3 am.

show off being in the nice warm climate

how you doing? getting into trouble?

Cooking up a great meal?

I am still sick but getting better

it will pass

so do you have any season changes there

I wish I were walking around in shorts & top

barefoot and soaking the sun rays just for warmth

when I lived in Havasu you had to use a lot of sunscreen

or look like shoe leather but I still love the warm ( not frying) sunshine

im lived in a cabin at 3,000 feet for 9 years 

there was snow on the ground 6 months at a time

husband and I did not get cabin fever

we were both luck with this as we had many snow or work activities outside 

at night we read a lot or friends came up

cabin fever is real and not at all fun for some

One could presume that living in the tropics precludes "cabin fever".  Ooooooooh NO!  When the temperatures average in the upper 90's, nobody wants to walk around in the sun.  We stay in our houses or patios glued to the fans.  Even my chickens hang out under our trees.

i know exactly how you feel

when in Lake Havasu City the temp rose to 129 and that evening when it was only 98 

and the boys were all miles away skateboarding  we women took everything off and plunged into the pool...our towels were near and not much light for nosy neighbors to look over an 8 foot board fence

luvy so glad the seasons do not bother you

normally I do not get knocked down with a sledge hammer


I got the flu and it went away in  less than a week


people came into my life again and gave it to me again

they were just as sick or worst than me

i felt sorry for the little three year old too

but she braved it through with flying colors

the first time I saw the northern lights it was an incredible sight


they are beautiful

the lights I saw were many hues of green and a sulfurous yellow

Julia, sometimes I have just the opposite reaction to the sun.  Today I wanted to walk to the pueblo but it was too bloody hot.

Scott I used an umbrella when walking in the sun in Lake Havasu City

Get well soon Julia. and don't hurry up and start doing too much because I've heard that it can come back at you and then it's worse.

Love that picture that Craig placed. Very beautiful Thanks Craig.

thanks Zochitl

I'm on the mend but the little boy my neighbor cares for is in the hospital with pneumonia right now




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