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It's that time of year ...

The snow falls softly
Making its graceful journey
To silence below

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Love this one :-)

And I love you!

And I love you 2

have a happy Thursday filled

with love and laughter 

we walk hand-in-hand
perfect silence perfect peace
blessed winter night

This is very beautiful my friend.  I can feel the silence and the peace.

Thank you, Thally dearest.

I used to love the excitement of life--now I dream constantly of a few quiet hours with My Beloved. 

snow falls in white sheets
my hands warm inside your coat
your smile is warmer

one more winter blast

inches of snow with some ice

now that isn't nice............

one more storm over...
the result a wonderland
with snow shoveling


your smile warms the room
loved ones gathered around you
forget winter's chill

hunker down east coast

Ole Man Winter rumbles on

nice day for haikus .........

a blanket of snow
cannot cool the loving heart
or passionate soul

Another for you, M., my ebullient friend. 




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