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It's that time of year ...

The snow falls softly
Making its graceful journey
To silence below

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frigid winter wind
quickly biting exposed skin
frostbite approaching
geese flying southward
squirrels gathering acorns
winter is coming
Bitter cold wind whined
snow covered the silvered trees
he shook like a leaf

born in a snowstorm
i revel in frosty air...
he's a southern child

walking DC streets
hand-in-hand, lost in our world
i worried for him

to reassure me,
he laughed and said, "Cool! I caught
snowflakes on my tongue!"
virgin of the snow
there's nothing like the first time
nice experience
longing for summer
chestnuts warming by a fire
warm those suckers up

beautiful landscape
as if taken from postcard
art of the season

still prefer bare feet
warm sweat flowing down my face
it will be here soon
icicles glisten
faint snow floating like feathers
brisk day for a walk
bundled up, ready
the woods are draped in silence
hand in hand we stroll
Harsh and beautiful,
Winter Solstice is now past,
Oh sun-keep winning!
days getting longer
promise of Spring approaching
the cycle repeats
cranking the oven
cinnemon and apple fumes
warm your frozen face

sprinkled with glitter
crusted snow shines with moonglow
hard as diamond chips

cars like white mountains
the sidewalks drifted over
clutch your scarf and step

on the plane in wool
you shed the coat in Maui
winters there are warm
leaves have dropped away
lines and angles are stripped bare
no soft draping o'er

you can see for miles
no foliage screens your view
ugly SUV
Come January,
The real cold will sink in deep.
But days will lengthen.




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