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Who will win Miss Universe? Do you think she'll be from Earth? What planet do you guess will win?

It's on now, I'm not watching, can't stand the suspense.

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Well, I know Pluto won't win, since it's no longer a planet ! But some of these women are sometimes real space cadets !

Hope this isn't who you're talkin about, gettin kind of rough!
I vote for that green alien lady on the original Star Trek............
If men are from Mars, and they are judging, Mars will probably win.
I really hate to be the one that says this, but...I just hope it isn't Miss Uranus.

Oh, you said it!
I always thought Klingon women were hot.

This one has my vote Marge, she has it going on!
Looks like she's made of waffles!

I understand this one is pretty cool. Outgoing,helpful, and loves long walks on the beach.
Long walks on the beach are good, But this one is advocating world peace.

Or was that world domination. I get the two confused.




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