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One of our own has a program on radio that you can get through streaming audio. Tonight he played a number of Valetine's day requests. Most came from tbders. Great Show Snagg. I enjoyed the whole thing and hope others did also. I'm sure Quinn will forever give you freedom to choose for her.

However, I do want to congratulate you for ignoring Larry's dedication of "Roxanne" to Quinn.Lets hear from anyothers who listen to "Fear And Loathing in Springfield". 

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I missed the show. I've missed the last few Sundays. Without a reminder.........(dramatic pause).. well, you know.
Yeh, I know how you old people are.
I just saw TeeBubbaDee pointing at a rabbit.
Pru, you always have that urge, or at least to kick something or someone.
What radio show? Where? I don't see any radio show!

Is Snagg in Alabama? If so, can he put together a Hyundai Assembly Line Work Song Medley? My brother is laid up with a broken ankle right now, and I can Super-Glue an iPod to his ears and crank it to 11 before he can stop me.

We have had this revenge thing going ever since he borrowed my "I friended your mom." T-Shirt last Halloween and got Mary Kay Antique Rose lipstick all over it. Yeah, I wondered about that too: who wears Antique Rose anymore?
Finally, someone who understands my musical taste.
Nope missed it, I was out for dinner and enjoying new music with friends. I think he'll get over it.
I was trying to play Scrabble and listen at the same time...Thanks for distracting me Snagg and causing me to lose.
I listen nearly every week. He's introduced me to some new artists also.

To counter last nights show Snagg will be taking requests for "hate" songs for next weeks show.
I'll need more than three hours for that one.
So, you don't know who I dedicated a song too? It might have been you.




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