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I am what the people in the biz call a "Character Actor."  I have been in a number of westerns and some other flicks.  I most always play the "bad guy."  I have experience there since I spent a few years in San Quentin.  Do you know who I am?

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And this would be???

Oh, Ilove both those guys! The bottom one is Jack Gilford. (Not quite sure how to spell his name.) What a sweet guy!  We don't really have any like him today.

Do you remember this one?  He's still an active actor today.

Alan Arkin

Nobody guessed the one at the top of page 6 that I left.  If you point your cursor at it, the name will pop up.  He played the wife's protege in My Man Godfrey.

I adore him - He's been everything from a vampire to a hooligan to (well) Wormtongue - otherwise known as Brad Dourif (not sure about the spelling there!)

How about this not so much of a gentleman!?

Here's a better (give away) shot:

The Master Of Silly Walks, John Cleese.

And how about this (definitely) not a gentleman?

Well, that's Barnabas Collins! How could anyone forget him - He's been around forever (Okay Jonathan Frid!) 

This one should be easy!

Michael Ansara--who, sadly, died on July 31 at the venerable age of 91. 

Who is this character actor who was born in Poland?

Okay...this has been sitting here for 8 months, so I'm gonna answer it :>).

Vladek Sheybal

Decathlete and football star who went on to become a film actor in some memorable roles.




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