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I am what the people in the biz call a "Character Actor."  I have been in a number of westerns and some other flicks.  I most always play the "bad guy."  I have experience there since I spent a few years in San Quentin.  Do you know who I am?

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CaliforniaNow, I think that means it is your turn to put up a new picture!

Mischa Auer

This one is Leo Gordon a tv character actor that was also in some films. I mostly remember him from  things like The Rockford Files. (I don't think Falcon is with us right now.

Okay, so who is this guy?

Pat Buttram

Who is this?Photobucket

That's FDR, I mean Ralph Bellamy - what a long career he had!

How about this guy?

Charles Bickford

And this quirky guy?

Michael J. Pollard

Great to see you here again Angharad!





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