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Most of the people on tbd Ning are old enough that they are at least thinking about retirement.
There are many things that must be considered before and after retirement. So many, in fact, that writing articles and books giving advice about retirement has become a lucrative field of employment. Just look in any Barns and Noble or other major book store. Even the supermarkets are selling magizines and books devoted to the subject. I'm not qualified, nor do I want to give you advice on how to retire. What I propose to do is; give you a chance to start thinking about where you would want to live in retirement.
So, I will examine some of the things that I am considering. Then, I would like to read your ideas and questions. I'll start.

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For the winter spot, so far Florida is running first,But the Houston area has an attraction that is hard to top. Hummm, more research will be needed. Carlisle, PA, Boston, MA and Colorado Springs, CO are in the running for the Summer months.
This thread is right up my alley Robbie. I probably think about it every day.
Answers to 1 through 4. I would like to stay in a warm, dry climate like Arizona. I'll probably work part time at some point. I'd live in either an apartment or mobile home. I would come back to my roots twice a year for a few days to a week each time to visit family.

I'm not the one to decide on anything. It's all up to Kittycat. :)

I'll just keep on dreaming. I'll mention this thread to her.
jacquin, that's what its about. Just like during your peak work years, you have to sort out what you want to do. I saw a little demonstration last month at a seminar. Take a retractable tape measure. Pull the tape out, letting one inch represent each year of your life. Note how long it is. Then pull the tape on out to the point that you think represents how many years you have left. Compare the two. then think about what you have done and what you want to do. It helps you set priorities. (:>)

The farm, I retire there on weekends now.
To leave the country you need annoying things like Visa's and stuff. NZ and Aussie land are fairly restrictive on who they give residency permits to. You might have better luck in Central\South America.

But as Robbie has said, you have to make some decisions and weigh what's important to you.
I've been to Panama. I'll take New Z




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