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Where is everybody???? Has the Rapture taken all the TBDers except for 6????

I just checked the news. There is no news of the Rapture happening. However, out of 2,800 members of tbd, there are only 6 of us on line. Does this mean that most TBDers were whisked away to Heaven? I never expected to be raptured, but I never expected that most TBD members would either. Guess I must have been wrong. I'll really be pissed if Larry, Stir, Quinn and Teebubbadee are gone and I'm still here. I know Kooner didn't get swooshed away cause she's on line.



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omg, Q - I just swiped your 'stupid' graphic. I love it.

I want a sign to use in my car that says, "Where's your sign?" - - - remember that stand-up routine?

Has anybody besides me & Robbie driven in Atlanta? It's insane. 


(IcantellI'mgettingalittlewiredforsound, and omg - it's 11:22pm. whew. IknewIshouldn'thavehadcoffee in the afternoon. I make this mistake a few times a year. My ex used to tell people that he knew I'd had coffee in the afternoon b/c at midnight I'd be sitting up in bed, w/the lights on, watching TV, reading a magazine & saying to him, "So, you know...~...~...~" '-)

you waited too late to post this for me, Kooner; I must've just decided to turn in.

I was still up @ 4:30 this morning, but made myself go back to sleep & lasted 'til 6:30.

Guess we'll discover the Rapture fallout today.

I hope Robbie & P.A. are still here. Okay, okay, I hope all of you are still here. '-)

I have a done a few miles in Atlanta....even in the snow. But I've had therapy so have mostly gotten over it.

I’m back, but I took time to clear my head after my rapid ascent and return to earth’s atmosphere. Whoosh! I found myself in a radiant room with puffy furniture, surrounded by bobble-headed blessed-out people staring vacantly, who didn’t have a lot to say. Also, the wine was too sweet. I missed my life – my word games and old pals. I asked to return, and Jesus, quite a decent sort as I knew he would be, was glad to grant my wish.

Whoosh! And here I am. What did I miss?


welcome back, Westerly - glad you decided to hang out w/us heathens. The Word Games would've been a lonely place w/out you!
Damn...I new I wouldn't get to get 'sucked up into the shashpip" LOL..that is a line we have been using from 'Escanaba in da Moonlight". My neighborhood is awfully quiet...maybe I should lock my doors. 
My oldest posted rapture pics on FB..they were too funny..clothes arranged outside his car....the keys lying there, the door open....he is a nut.
@ your son's Rapture stunt: lol! "-D
The Rapture came and went, and the only person that got taken was Randy Savage. Deal with it, crybabies.

Wonderful Suzan.


I am no longer here, I am in the Spirit!
I was taken up briefly but when they checked my background they sent me back.
I'm kind of thinking the other place will be warmer. I'm working on getting in there. I like it hot.




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