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There are pictures of the trip floating around.  I recall the Niagara Falls photos. And my sisters remind me of how I got scared at some wax museum in DC.  


That would be cool, Quinn.

Okay, it didn't work the first time, so I skipped on to the world. Been to six other countries and actually half the states:

visited 7 states (3.11%)
Create your own visited map of The World

Will need to have that verified by a moderator, RT. 

Oh, maybe Aggie can OK it...its his thread.

H-m-m-m....maybe Aggie IS a moderator.  I don't keep up on that stuff.

So you're saying Aggie needs a copy of my passport, Stir? haha

Or do I need to post pictures of self in all the countries?!!


And speaking of Texas Aggie, a fairly recent transplant to Texas told me of their new bumper sticker:

"I Wasn't Born in Texas, 

But I Got Here As Quick As I Could!"


I mentioned here earlier this week...I finally got around to getting a passport, so I could visit Texas. 

I'm a little dubious of the boots those folks wear down there....I'm just gonna wear flipflops, I think.

That's ok....we will understand.

Out of sheer self-protection I would recommend boots, so as not to suffer tootsie crush from others' snakeskin stompers.

And then the requisite hat, of course. It'll be a new attitude, dude.

You'll need a hat......it's hot down here.

Most of the visitors to Texas do not have passports.  I am not a moderator just an Aggie without a K.
Reply by Bob Stepp 5 minutes ago
You'll need a hat......it's hot down here.

I'm ready...

to Miss Q up there.....




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