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I pretty much stick to the Games. Q&A, and the Forum. Not so much into the groups, but I think I might be in the minority here, cause I see people I know online, but they aren't posting where I am. Do I need to get more involved in the groups? I have joined a few, but most of them seem to be pretty much deserted. Is this just me? Or am not looking for the right groups?

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I usually go to Q & A, Forum, Games, Moosie's Crossing, Aggie's group, and Stir's group.

George doesn't come here any more, he likes the MSN and Comcast games.  He likes to meet people in person.  He did enjoy meeting everyone at the Moosie's Crossing get-togethers.  I haven't been able to get him interested in posting anywhere online, though.  :-(

The Main Page - sparring with akabukowski.
How's the book coming?
I've got the pages all numbered.
And, the chapters too?
How many paragraphs will there be? that's what you have to decide before you do anything else

Noticed that....kudos to both of you.  :-D

My contributions aren't sparring....just a passive/aggressive form of venting. 

Q&A, Forum and Aggie, Longhorns and everything Texas.
I feel for ya Aggie cause I know you have to be struggling with the drought. Sadly, I read an article today in Time, that this become the new normal for you guys. Got my fingers crossed for you.

That is a depressing outlook for this area.

I found some hay for 30 dollars a bale but would cost about 100 dollars a bale to ship it from Minnasota. Just paid $9.50 a bale for some small square bale and cubes are up to $9.50 a sack.


Is there no New Mexico hay available??




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