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I have a really interesting discussion that I would like to post. However, Where should I post it?

We have the Welcome Lounge, Nah, nobody ever goes there.

Q&A? Isn't it susposed to be a question if posted there?

Forum? Is the forum for serious discussions or just drive by postings.

Freethinkers? There are only 19 members there and they seem to only make comments.

tbd has 150 groups. there must be one where my post would fit and get lots of attention.

There are 2,538 members, but only 12 on line. Or is that only 12 in chat?


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...And, if you were following the WELCOME LOUNGE like everyone should be...


I didn't know there were rules...

so, after i go to the welcome lounge [where i've never posted which is why i don't go there] where should i go next?

hummm...o, nevermind

hmmm... chastising me goes over about as well as throwing a wet blanket on me would. :-P
Aaaaawwww, Robbie!!! You always get me baffled and bewildered!!! Just post the darn thing here and we'll all yell at you and tell you it doesn't belong here... And then we'll all give you a big HUG!!!! LOL
@ Kooner up there^^^..........don't like rules.
OK! I went to "The Battle Between Good And Evil" and posted what might be a mildly interesting discussion. Will anyone take the bait? Should I invite toolmaker?

llpof!.... liar, liar, pants on fire! I just went to the "Battle" group & there is NO discussion post there from you! 

....okay, I found it. You have to navigate around, though, you can't just go to the "Battle" group in the Welcome Lounge & find it.

Yeh, Kooner should have explained that in order to get to the actual group you have to click on the link in the post in the Welcome lounge. Does that make any sense?

It is now lightining and raining here so I may lose the internet soon.

And I haven't had Happy out to walk yet.


Or you can get to TBBGAE by going to groups.

Ok, Nobody has been there. Maybe I should have tagged it "Royal Wedding" britney Spears, Whitney Houston, Newt or something. 

That's not true. I went, I read.... and THERE ARE QUESTIONS!!! WHY DIDN'T YOU POST IT HERE IN Q & A??

You! '-)



I'm gonna respond. But not tonight.

Did you ever decide what "it" was, Robbie? And, has it been posted yet?

oops, just saw d's post.

Doesn't really matter tho---I couldn't find it in the Welcome Lounge of The good and evil thread. What's up with that???




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