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Heare are the views looking out the windshield.

Why are you people carrying torches and a noose? I'm just tying to bring a little hope and joy to the frozen North.



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It was a beautiful day in the 'Burgh today, got up to 63 degrees.
It hit 71º here today, Goldi, & is expected to have a high of 72º both Friday & Saturday!
Yay!  Enjoy!

I will! I put the top down on Little White this afternoon!


(I put it back up when I came in tonight, b/c I figure it'll be too cold to drive to work @ 6:30 in the morning, but hey, it was fabulous this afternoon!)

Hey, Robbie! Where are Robbie & Happy today?!

We are sitting in the parking lot at the Miccosukee Indian Casino at the intersection of FL 997 and US 41 on the Eastern edge of Miami, FL. Tomorrow I will drive on up to Tampa, FL.

For the first time, I lost money here tonight. $17. That means that after 5 visits I am only $668 ahead.


Wow - I think that's pretty darned good! Great, even! I'm guessing that "only $668 ahead" was sarcasm.

You mean that not everyone who visites that casino receives money?

 I always thought the Indian casinos were their way of rewarding us white anglo saxons for bringing enlightenment about Christianity and other ways to social empowerment to them.

*quietly to self...it's called payback...*




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