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Heare are the views looking out the windshield.

Why are you people carrying torches and a noose? I'm just tying to bring a little hope and joy to the frozen North.



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My heart skipped a beat there for a second.
Well, we've had several cold, clear days with no new snow.  Thats fairly typical for this time of year, up here in "The Leelanau."  Now Arkansas, thats a whole 'nother story.  Its like I'd have to go south to get north.



I'm happy for ya, Robbie.

















Okay, I can't be dishonest. I'm jealous.



You're trying to hurt us, aren't you?

Just look at that picture and imagine yourself being there. Have a Corona, Drift off into a warm happy place. Do not look at Quinn's picture. don't even think about snow. Unless of course you are an avid skier. 

Ok, the truth is, I have to be in Livingston Texas on 28 Feb to start as a workamper.  Tonight it is 21 degrees in Livingston.  I currently am so acclamated to South Florida that I have to put on a coat if the temp dropes into the 60's. So, I thought i'd chide you while I had the chance.

Please warm Texas up before I get there. (:>)



that was a great big warming hug. ;-)


It's 42° here right now, but it's supposed to plunge to 25° overnight. bbbrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

D's Thanks for the Hug.

Quinn, You could have been with me down at the Raw Bar slamming down Jagerbombs, but no, you wanted to stay in PHILLY. (:>)

Actually, I've never had a Jagerbomb, But I have watched other people drink them.

I spent a few years in Germany but never did develop a taste for Jagermister.

Too bad we don't have a umlaut on here.


I just found special characters on my computer. Do you use a Mac?

ummm.... Kooner.... how much more east COAST can you get than the KEYS??


I love the photos, Robbie. Keep 'em comin'. I can just imagine soaking in the warmth of the day there.

And wandering around where Hemingway wandered around. And crossing paths w/some of the descendants of his 6-toed cats! '-) And drinking. Lovely cocktails in the afternoon, w/no plans whatsoever. mmm...

oh. I thought you meant right now.

He travels all over, but mostly the east coast when he's touring, I think.

And then he "lights" in TX when he's gonna stay a spell. (That's how my paternal grandmother would've said it '-)

I stay mostly on the East Coast, but I go down to the Houston area frequently to see my friend Pru. I belong to an RV club named Escapees. My official address is Livingston, TX.

That is where I vote and where my mail goes. Then I have them send it to me where ever I am. There are 32,000 of us who live on Rainbow Drive, Livingston, TX.  Most of our government does not like the fact that we are not "planted" in one place, where they can keep a short leash on us. But, we find ways to evade the controls. I pay no state income tax, or personal property tax.  However, I do pay sales tax and spend a lot of money in their state. I also allow Texas to increase it's population and that gives the state a lot more leverage in the federal Govt. Most full time RVers claim residence in TX, FL, Montania, The Dakota's. For the above listed reasons.

I have no problem with taxes. They are how the country/states are able to operate.

However, I can't see paying taxes to a state like VA if I am not living there. 




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