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What's the most interesting thing you see between your house and the store? 

One of the houses that I pass has a statue of St. Francis in the yard.  Someone has wrapped a large plastic(?) boa constrictor around him and it looks as if it is about to devour him.

Someone really fun or crazy must live there.

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I don't pass anything interesting on the way to the store unless you find cow interesting. I live in a small town, in the "suburbs" and there are farms along the two miles to the nearest Kroger.

On the other hand my daughter gets to see something very interesting. She lives just off music row in Nashville and there is a very large statue called Musica. People are always decorating it for various evernts and other things. Last time I was there all of the six statues where holding red solo cups in honor of the Toby Keith song going gold. Last summer during the cicada swarm somebody put bee keeper outfits on them.

I wish there was something that interesting here.

Musica Statue on Music Row

Cows are good.  Do they do any tricks or anything?

Love the Musica thing.  I couldn't work the link but I might google it just to check it out.

I don't know what is wrong. I didn't post a link but a picture which is right above where you replied.


they are normally naked

I don't see a picture in your original post!  Oh no!  I'm going blind!

Thanks for the follow-up link.  It looks like people have a lot of fun with that.

I like that a lot!

On the way to the A&P is Moore's Small Engine Repair and junkyard. Many years ago I brought my lawnmower there and Mr. Moore's diagnosis was that it had a bent shaft. I told him it was probably due to my running over a large rock. He was surprised that I fessed up to the fact that I had caused the damage - he said most people usually don't admit to being so stupid. The useless lawnmower is still sitting there along with other relics - I like to think of it as a testament to my honesty.



The old bent shaft, not much you can do for that.  It's good to know that you'll admit to making errors.  I'd like to send my SO over for a lesson in that.

I usually drive by a few squashed squirrels, and once in a while a dead deer along side the road.  I live in what you might call "a rural area".  Such sights are not uncommon, nor are they unsettling to me.

I see that stuff all the time too.

I live downtown.

The only thing b/t my place & the local grocery store is Oglethorpe University.

It's a lovely campus, and I enjoy the diverse mix of people I see b/t here & there,

especially when I walk to the store.

Other people walking; people bicycling; others waiting at the bus stop;

some homeless looking people.... all kinds.

Funes story remnds me of  last year in Houston. I was pulling into an advanced auto parts store. I whipped off the street into the parking lot.  Made a quick right turn and hit a curb extension that stuck out about 5 ft into the lot. I bounced pretty high, but since I drive a jeep, no damage was done.

Two of the store employees were standing outside smoking cigarettes. They were laughing. I was embarrassed. I made some comment about how stupid I was to have hit that curb. One of them said "You aren't the first, we have seen many people hit it. But you are the first to have the guts to stop and come inside. Most are too embarrissed. They just drive on through the lot and on down the road.

I still haven't determined whether that was a complement or insult.

There's a Catholic Church a half block from me, they recently bought the house across to be used as the Rectory. Father put a statue of St Aloyouis in the front of the house. One day it had a clown nose. Another day harpo glasses and mustache and another day a cowboy hat.
I know who's doing it, but I'm not telling :)

The only other interesting thing i see is the house with all the blow up holiday decorations, they're up all year...Christmas, St Patricks Day, Easter, fourth of July, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.




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