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When the whiners get their way & we don't have Healthcare, they lose their Medicare, who's gonna care??

Whine,Whine, Hate, Hate

I won't care!!

I can't wait. Misery loves company, I think I'll bake some cookies, or maybe some special brownies for all the company!! Naw, I'll be as selfish as they are now...all those patriotic Americans who think they're special and so safe.
There's plenty of room. Just adjust. You'll be fine. When the insurance co have ripped off the whiners long enough, deinied enough for you to lose your insurance or cause a loved one to die, just adjust. When your quality of life sucks, it's ok. Just remember your own words and I'm sure those will console you.
When you lose your medicare because nothing was done to reform healthcare and medicare goes broke, don't worry. It's ok. You'll be considered undeserving just like people like me, so it's ok.
Oh, and don't expect sympathy from your buddies who will be able to afford to get care, cuz they won't care. They'll just throw your own words right back at you.

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I saw this article this morning, and I think it shows one of the problems as thing stand now, that has to be addressed in any health care bill, or even without one.

The people that wrote this new medical plan want nothing to do with it.
They have their own government insurance plan and it won’t change.
I wonder if Castro has the same insurance the peasants have?



I think Red One should have to pay for it ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
For Castro's sake, I hope so...most likely he does, that's why he's still alive.
If you would actually study what has been proposed that is exactly what would happen. Basically the Federal Employees Insurance plan would be expanded to cover others that signed up for it.
My sister who is ill has a living will. For her, she knew how to handle it, she was a hospice nurse for many years. She also helped both my parents put theirs together. My sister already has a friend appointed in her living will that will make sure her wishes are followed, "to say to pull the plug" if she's in a coma, no hope situation. That way, none of us siblings can interfere or carry the guilt.
Our American Society is an odd one. We act like we're going to live forever. It is a hard thing to face, but we need to think it thru on an individual basis and really put a living will together. It is so important not to saddle others with it. It isn't fair to them.
Jacquin wrote: As independent as we (US citizens) supposedly are I would think the notion of having more ownership over our end of life decisions would be attractive.

If that's all it ends up being, then yes it would be good. The fear is that it will more likely involve the government denying treatment if they decide that someone's gonna die anyway. I don't see the problem in adding wording to the legislation guaranteeing that that won't happen.

Just my whining, hating, un-American opinion.
I do. Thanks for your concern. I do not, however, believe that you are actually concerned about me in any way, shape or form. You are simply using me to make your point. Very manipulative of you, my dear.
And again...your basic argument is that I'm against this health care bill beause I'm unintelligent and uninformed. If I had all the facts (that you choose to show me) then I would have no choice but to feel about it as you do. It's a common and dishonest argument running through these threads. If only people understood "the truth" they would agree. Both sides use this false argument and I don't buy it from anyone. If you can't make an intellectually honest point, then don't bother. I don't respond to manipulaton.
Thanks for your post. It gives hope that there's common sense out there!
I have decided that if this healthcare bill gets screwed up, I will send a copy of my bills to all the members that didn't vote for it. And all the care I cannot get, I will make a list of...send it to them.
I will keep a journal of my health issues/when I need to see a doctor, a specialist, go to the er but don't because of cost, etc, I will send a copy to ALL of them.
I will collect others stories of people like me and send it to them. Their email will be overflowing from me.
I will also divide the members up and a portion will be getting them thru the post office, making it so someone has to sign upon receiving it.
And that's just the beginning.
And if it does go through and they start denying care - who gets the bill then? Well, you do, of course. You will have already paid into the system, you just won't get any benefit. Hopefully, that's not the way it will work - but, that's the way I think it will happen.

They're saying that they're going to cover everything, but how do you do that at the same time you're lowering costs? It just doesn't make logical sense to me. If I buy more food at the grocery store, my grocery bill goes up, not down.




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