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When the whiners get their way & we don't have Healthcare, they lose their Medicare, who's gonna care??

Whine,Whine, Hate, Hate

I won't care!!

I can't wait. Misery loves company, I think I'll bake some cookies, or maybe some special brownies for all the company!! Naw, I'll be as selfish as they are now...all those patriotic Americans who think they're special and so safe.
There's plenty of room. Just adjust. You'll be fine. When the insurance co have ripped off the whiners long enough, deinied enough for you to lose your insurance or cause a loved one to die, just adjust. When your quality of life sucks, it's ok. Just remember your own words and I'm sure those will console you.
When you lose your medicare because nothing was done to reform healthcare and medicare goes broke, don't worry. It's ok. You'll be considered undeserving just like people like me, so it's ok.
Oh, and don't expect sympathy from your buddies who will be able to afford to get care, cuz they won't care. They'll just throw your own words right back at you.

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No, Wanda, the whole article was about how good the health care reform will be. The article was slamming the people who are against it. It went on and on about how brave and "progressive" Obama is for pushing this and how selfish and awful people are who oppose it. As I said in my original post, the article was "promoting" this thing. That's why that particular sentence stuck out to me. Because it was so casually tossed in there among all the other "benefits" of Obamacare.
It's called fear mongering and it's being paid for by Freedom Works.....a group funded by insurance and drug companies......nice to see it's working so well.......

Honestly Wanda I don't know why I am even responding to your post except that your comments like so many others has finally irritated me. It's not fear mongering, here in the Northeast where I live I've met many people from that paragon of civilization "Europe" and they say our system is the BEST in the world. Many have come here for medical treatment they couldn't get or had to wait too long for elsewhere in the world.

Now how is ithat fear mongering? Or are you the only authority on any subject?

It's sad you have gone through your trial and I do not purport to know all of your issues. However, having government run health care is a disaster in the making. Do a little research on what is happening in other countries and see for yourself. That means you may have to go outside the state organs of CNN or the NY Times. :-)
Bullshit...My parents each had a living will....my dad had a pace maker and had a Do Not Resuscitate Order, as they couldn't use the paddles and he didn't want anything done anyway. My mom had a hospice nurse then. This was 7 yrs before my dad died.
Both of them had the orders on their fridge, told each of us kids to make sure that it was known. Adults of any age should have this known. Have it where people related or close to them KNOW where the living will/order is...or if they do want to have resuscitation, that should be known. It should be known if they want to stay on machines to stay alive.
Now, how much money is being saved for people like me who don't have insurance and don't have that choice...nice to know I don't have that choice, relieves my mind that they'll let me die
I thought you might like to see this.

Please watch all of the video before parroting any more of this people's scare tactics

Wylde wrote: "that's what I have to look forward to when I'm old? Someone deciding that I've lived enough and since I'm going to die anyway, they may as well not waste the money trying to keep me alive?"

I thought you were a smart, thinking man. Surprise of surprises and what a disappointment to find out by your own words that you're not. Soooo sad. You obviously don't realize that they are talking about people who would otherwise choose not to have tubes stuck into them and down their throats. These people would prefer to die in peace in their own homes or hospital or nursing home without lying there for possibly years without being awake or able to communicate. They would prefer to slip away in quiet peaceful surroundings with their loved ones at their side. Other people prefer to have every heroic effort made available to them no matter the cost, and that would be their choice and allowed. Key word is Choice.

The powers that be, believe that more people would choose to not have the costly and (in my opinion) inhumane heroic efforts done, and that is where the savings would occur. It doesn't mean that the heroic efforts wouldn't be available for the people who would want them. That's what Living Will is all about.
Nope. Not smart and never had an original thought in my whole life. You figured that out? Wow.

You should know that I'm a Neanderthal. A "typical white guy" as Obama might call me - gay, artistic, non-religious, hate sports - you now, like every other red-blooded American male.

The fact that I don't believe what the politicians are telling me simply proves that I'm an unintelligent waste of carbon. If I were smart, I would know that politicians always tell the truth and only have my best interests at heart.

It sucks to be me.
I can't believe that "most people are insured," or that their insurance covers most of what is needed.

The first thing they ask you when you call up a new doctor enquiring if they accept new patients is "What kind of insurance do you have?" If they like your kind, then they're taking new patients. If you're getting in-hospital treatment - bottom line- they know how many days your insurance is good for, and after that they stick a bandade on it and shove you ot the door. You're on your own. In this case it's the insurance "panel" that gets to decide whether your life is worth underwriting.
Well...Obama keeps talking about the 47 million that are uninsured...there are over 300 million people in the United States. By my calculations, 300M minus 47M equals 253M. I thought that 253 out of 300 would mean "most", but maybe you have a different definition for that word "most". What dictionary do you use?
Try over 40 million. Do I hear 50?
"What dictionary"? I used Quinn's dictionary.
I knew a guy once that had no insurance. He had a hernia, and had to go to a hospital where he was taken in as a charity case. While checking the hernia, the Dr's found he had colon cancer, so the hernia went on the back burner. As he was healing from the cancer surgery, but before the start of the chemo and radiation, the hernia strangulated and nearly killed him. Unfortunatly, when this happened, he was in a different state, so ended up having two surgeries (the second one was to fix a surgeons mistake that occured during the first surgery) in a different hospital. He was there for 19 days. A couple days after the first surgery he was approached by a "finance" guy that worked for the hospital. This guy wanted to know how the bills were going to be paid. Remember, our friend is days out of a life threatening situation, recovering from a botched surgery, and on a morphine pump. Our friend said he would make monthly payments, but the finance guy wanted 5 grand up front, charged to the friend's credit card. When our friend sent his wife downstairs with the credit card, she was taken to the finance guy's boss's office, where the 2 of them brow beat her and demanded 10 grand instead. Anyway, our friend finally gets back home where he starts chemo and ratiation. There are complications with both the chemo and radiation. So now our friend has been unemployed for nearly a year. He has a total of 33 different Dr, and hospital bills due each month. He sends everybody $20 a month, then $10, then $5. till there is nothing left. He has sold every thing, and I mean EVERYTHING he ever owned. He has had to divorce his wife, so the creditors cannot put a lean on the home he once proudly owned. The side effects from the chemo and radiation mean he will never work again.
My question is, should a person's entire life be destroyed because he had the audacity to get sick without insurance?
Yep, thanks TeeBubbaDee and Pru for both of the posts. No system is perfect. But, we need to do something.
I knew there would be debate, but not the hatred I see. I compare this to trying to discuss the Homeless, it's just easier to ignore them, until you become one of them. Or until there's so many in your area, they cannot be ignored any longer.
It's way past time to fix the Healthcare system. Including medicare, medicade, and the Insurance Companies.
These fear tactics have made it impossible to have a Real Discussion.
Your mother shouldn't have been denied, Pru, nor you for your transplant. TeeBubba, your friend was going thru hell and his wife, I cannot imagine going thru $$$ badgering along with that.
If my oldest daughter didn't have the insurance thru her work, I don't know what she'd do. She has rhuematoid arthriits, she was diagnosed at the age of 25. Now, not only does she need the treatments every 2 months, she has to be hooked up to an iv for 1 1/2 hours and give herself daily shots. She sees elderly women come in and have to shell out alot of $$$$ for these treatments. Each treatment is very,very expensive.
I'm doing what I can to get healthy, but I can't help getting older and I can't help the inherited genes.




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