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How old were you when you retired?  

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I retired when I turned 70 and we closed our business. 9 months later my husband passed away.  I'm so glad we closed the business when we did. 

What kind of business did you own Syble?

I retired at 64. Most mornings I wake up and thank my lucky stars that I am retired and can choose to live each day as I like. 

I retired from my real job at 58- then worked several part time jobs- just wasn't really readt for retirement the. Finely retired at 64 for real.

I retired as soon as I turned 65...enough was enough. Had time for my husband and I to go to Alaska before he passed away 7 months later.

I haven't retired yet but would like to semi retire next year but I am noy sure I can

I tried to get to 70 to max out my Soc. Sec. benefit, but fell one year short. My bad knee could no longer take the 4-5 miles per workshift and my tyrant employer would not be sympathetic for time off to correct it. I retired and had a knee replacement.

Retired to the farm full time at age 60.

I retired at 63 right about this time 9 years ago.  After my son wrecked my car and having to get emergency surgery, I decided I didn't want to take on a 4 year loan and have to work to 67 when I was already struggling with keeping track of things, so I retied.  It was a good decision for me but not financially.

I retired at 50, one month before my 51st birthday. That was in 1998.

I retired 10/3/2008 at the age of 59. No regrets whatsoever.




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