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Nobody likes to get bad news, but life sure tends to hand it out, right?  When it is your neighbor or family member that lives nearby you know what to do and how to help, you chip in and bring them food, help with the housework, arrange for groceries to be delivered, give them rides to the doctors or other appointments, in other words try to lighten their load so they can concentrate on getting well.  But when the connection is less tangible, they live far away or the connection is through the internet, it is more of a challenge to help those you care about.   So after you send them your love and you let them know what high regard you hold them in, what an incredible human being they are and how strong and courageous they are...what can we do to help...Of course we send them good healing thoughts and prayers.  But they say laughter is the best medicine.  So how do you make a person faced with another round of treatments and hospital stays laugh...So anyone got any good jokes or stories that might result in some "make ya feel good" belly laughs. Anyone?  Beuller?  :)


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I will be keeping easy peasy done and over in my thoughts too.  Love you kiddo and we want you back here lickety split.  Keep us posted through Doug and if you need anything let us know.  I will try to gather some yucks for the recovery period too.  

Some things you just have to " get through."  Best of luck with all of it.




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