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How much older or younger a person would you date?


I spent the day with a lovely man who is much older than I am. When people see us together, I'm sure there are plenty of stereotypes that will immediately come to mind. I'd like that not to matter, but it might.


How do you feel about it? Would you date someone 20 years older or younger than you?

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Twenty years older?  Ah no....when I went to pick her up I'd have to exhume her!

Twenty years younger?  Ah-oo-gah!  You betcha!

You cradle robber, you!!

Bummer, I might be too old for Stir...
As Red Green said, over and over and over, "I'm a man....but I can change....I guess".
You're perfect just the way you are, Doll Face.
OK, ditch that other Old Geezer....there's a new Old Geezer in town!

Thinkin's one thing, doin's another, Bob.  ;<0

If you are comfortable with him, does it matter what others think? No one else's business, but your own and his. 
Society may raise an occasional eyebrow, but true love knows there are no age restrictions. If it is real, age should never be a consideration.
Whoa, slow down there T Bubs. I didn't say the "L" word...
Sorry (((Kate))), I guess I was jumping the gun. But ya never know what the day will bring. ;-)
Well it was a pretty good day.




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