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I asked a friend this question, and she asked it back, and I thought it might be great to hear everyone else's answer. Mine was running through the rain with my guy. We needed that. How about you?

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So cool SDL meeting so many as you cross the continent. Best wishes when you make it to PA....will put the nuptials on line so we all can attend?
I was working last night and while waiting for the equipment to come back up on line, I looked up into the sky and saw the half moon, it looked very big, I then just looked at all the stars, I saw the big dipper, the little dipper and I am sure other constallations but I am not sure of thier names... it was very relaxing, peaceful, I had not done that in a long time.
mp, fake wrestling with the kids rocks. Those connecting times are just pure joy.
Pulled a stick out of my eye. Wasn't that great of a week.
zoinks! you ok?
I'm ok kain, thanks. It was just the 'ol proverbial stick. lol
Yeah, me either. I worked. and then I moved. and got sworn at by my ex for taking this, that, or the other thing the is MINE.
jumped on trampoline!
java jumping Pictures, Images and Photos
getting the front page to read:

Dobbs and Beck!
Clever man. Wasn't that my idea?
Probably. But it was fun anywayz!
And you actually did it. I only talked about it. :)




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