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Suggestions anyone?

Right now take-out Chinese sounds good. Except my favorite place doesn't deliver and I don't want to go out. In the heat. And the rain. And the Tornado warning.


Do you like Chinese food?




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the can sizes have changed.  The small ones are really small and the big ones are now almost as small as the small ones used to be.

Breaded chicken strips and french fries

Steak, potatoes and tomatoes.

New York Strip steak on the grill. I buy the whole loin and cut it myself. Since a New York strip steak is kinda long, I cut them extra thick, and then cut them in half. Makes for a nice sized steak, and I can still grill them kinda blackened on the outside, and rare in the middle. (I ended up with 22 steaks costing under $4.50 each) Also a mix of cauliflower, broccoli, yellow squash, and carrots topped with shredded asiago, parmesan, romano, and provolone cheese. 

I also just bought a whole boneless pork loin, and got 18 really nice chops, and a pork roast to boot. 

Dinner isn't usually my main meal and around here, I usually scrape together something for dinner that would be a sack lunch for a normal person.

But yesterday (I know its' over now, but I just had to commemorate this here) I actually made a full meal for dinner.  Maybe it was because it was the end of a weekend that had started with my daughter's birthday, I don't know, but I just thought I wanted to do a full meal for the two of us.  

I started easy enough with a small rack of baby back ribs from Safeway--already cooked and sauced and only needing reheating.  Then I cooked a pot of Japanese rice; it's hard for me to mess that up after all these years of cooking it in a pot on the stove.  Then I steamed a bunch of broccolini simply seasoned with onion and salt.

What was almost my downfall was the dessert.  A neighbor had given me several ribs of rhubarb and I wanted to cook them up with blueberries into some kind of one-dish dessert:  a pie or crisp or something that would be good right out of the oven or cold if it lasted that long.  I combined a recipe for a custard rhubarb pie with another recipe for a "Mystery Crust" custard pie that I had recently found online.  The mystery crust pie is like a sweetened pop-over recipe with a little more milk. The crust puffs up around the edges as it bakes.  I sprinkled thinly sliced rhubarb and blueberries over the custard mixture and then sprinkled it with allspice (on account of the blueberries).  You'd think it would be easy enough to put all the custard/crust ingredients in the blender and then pour it in the pan and put it in the oven, but Nooooooo! I forgot the melted butter and then had to drizzle it over the top.  Then I slopped the over-full pie pan onto the baking sheet that I was carrying it to the oven on.  Twice!  I scraped it back into the dish and got it into the oven where, thank God, I didn't make any more mistakes like letting it burn.

Anyway!  It turned out great!  We ate it hot as an appetizer; we ate it warm with the ribs; we ate it at room temperature for dessert.  It didn't last long enough to get cold.  It was a great meal.  It was a memorable meal.  And now that I've posted it here--perhaps an immortal meal.

Like a sweet Yorkshire pudding?

Baia, your appetizer, side dish, and dessert sounds wonderful!!!

Yes, Slim!  Except a little more custardy.

I think I'll try it again today except in a rectangular casserole dish.  I can make more than way.

Thanks, Teebub!  Just rereading my post is getting me all hungry for more.

Can you e-mail me some?

Please let us know what wonderful food you get on your next trip.  I suspect you are adventurous in your cuisine!

Taking the grandson home tonight, and our daughter is making stuffed cabbage for us.

Last night, George had a cheeseburger, and I had pepperoni pizza.

Last night I had a salmon burger.  Tonight I'm going to try an asparagus/popover thingy.




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