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Suggestions anyone?

Right now take-out Chinese sounds good. Except my favorite place doesn't deliver and I don't want to go out. In the heat. And the rain. And the Tornado warning.


Do you like Chinese food?




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Roasted potatoes and onions. The meat smelled funny, I thought it best not to eat it.

Veggies are good!  Smelly meat....very baaaaad!

Veggies are good...given the cost of meat nowadays, I may become a vegetarian. Then again, all groceries are expensive. Maybe I'll have to become an anorexic...

That's  not an option for me...I've never met a food group I don't like!  

 I  like some of the 'fake' meat products actually.   They are very costly but don't have a face....;-)


I've tried and tried......but I just can't develop a taste for veggies.  Meat and starch.....that's what I want!  LOL!

I got plenty of squirrels.


I could live on ice-cream.

You should get a job at Blue Bell Ice Cream. They eat all they can and sell the rest.

Pizza and wings

Chocolate Milkshake.

I had a late lunch so just had a cheese and onion sandwich. 

I think I'll visit the Flaming Wok at the mall tonight and get some eggrolls or sesame chicken and eat alone.




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