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Suggestions anyone?

Right now take-out Chinese sounds good. Except my favorite place doesn't deliver and I don't want to go out. In the heat. And the rain. And the Tornado warning.


Do you like Chinese food?




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Baked Tilapia encrusted with mayo and crushed Cheetos with wild rice.

*not tame rice*

I like milk, too, Slim.

And Bob, it must be the week for meatloaf.

I'm making a turkey meatloaf tonight, before our date night for Jazz at the High Museum.

(it's free for members; you can't beat an artsy-cultural Friday date night for free! '-)

I'm having brown rice & sauteed squash, zucchini & <surprise!> sweet yellow onions with the meatloaf.

When we get home from the High later tonight, there'll be Pineapple Sherbet w/fresh strawberries & blueberries for dessert. Or maybe dessert-before-dessert. '-)

...now I'm hoping for an early night.

Well, I had a hankering for the perch basket down at the new Bar and Grill, but the waitron informed me that it was too early to order it (dinner item).  It was 3:30 PM.  Three times she told me I should get the pork cutlet sandwich, because they still had some left from lunch.  Once she told me to just get a fish sandwich.  Then she told me to look at the menu again and make up my mind what I wanted.  At that point I told her that I'd go home and make my own meal, thank you very much.

I know this lady....I've worked with her before.  She's about as coarse as large grit sandpaper.  I know the food business well enough to understand that we were talking about a meal that is deep fried, and comes with a side of slaw.  Denying an order, without checking with the kitchen to see if they would consider doing it is downright stupid, as far as I'm concerned.  Jeez, the place had no one eating at that time, and I wanted a more expensive meal.  Seems like it was worth asking if they wanted to do a pricier meal.  Things are slow up here this time of year.  Two of eateries have closed for the winter (one probably for good).  Both the owner and the cook of the new Bar and Grill are good friends of mine.  I'll get another ruling on the waitron's decision from them, at a later time.

This was one of those moments in a small town where one really needs to bite one's tongue.  There's no anonymity to hide behind, a person will be judged on their public actions by a jury of their friends and neighbors and maybe co-workers.

So, anyway, I'll be having my evening meal mostly from the frozen food section of my fridge, here very soon.  I think my meal is gonna revolve around fish, potatoes, and some slaw.

Oh, was I supposed to put this on that ranting and raving thread over on the forum?  ;-)  

This what you call a "cross-over" post.

Whoops! Gov Christi will veto that.

I worked today & didn't get home 'til after 7pm. Ducatiman had a lovely dinner of roasted chicken w/carmelized onions, brussel sprouts sauteed in olive oil w/garlic & mushrooms, brown rice & a bottle of Pinot Noir waiting on me. That man rocks. It was delicious. I'm about to polish off the end of the wine. I'm stuffed.

Had Subway spicy Italian sandwich.  Cowboy and I split a footlong.  It was followed by a mixed cup of B&J cherry/butter pecan.  Cowboy was satisfied with cookie dough.   All is good.

Church potluck for dinner (lunch).  It was one of those 'don't eat more than you can carry affairs'.

No supper for me tonight.

Hiya Faye!  I'd bet there was good eats there!

Pinto beans, potato salad and corn bread.

*comfort food*


Popcorn shrimp, and nuked potatoes with some of the India Indian convenience store spicy lentil stuff spooned gently over the top.  Oh, and few swigs of Pepsi.  Pretty good, I must say.




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