TBD on Ning

Suggestions anyone?

Right now take-out Chinese sounds good. Except my favorite place doesn't deliver and I don't want to go out. In the heat. And the rain. And the Tornado warning.


Do you like Chinese food?




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Mornin', Hon! '-)
Top o' the morning to ye, Deez. ;)
That is an ugly background for sure.
Chips (bite size) onions/cheese w/taco sauce.  Standard but quite tasty even w/o guacamole or sour cream.  :-)

Tonight was bisquits, scrambled eggs and bacon.

*I got a real good scald on the bisquits tonight*

We went to High Point. I ate catfish, white beans, corn on the cob and blackberry cobbler. Caleb ate a Caleb Burger.
I love High Point. That's our place. :)
Chinese...Seems like that's what I like on a Friday night these days.   Fried dumplings...fried crab rangoon....fried shrimp toast....see a pattern here?  It's the sauce...love dipping sauce.  :-)
Thursday is usually my Chinese night :-)
Chicken Fajita Soup
Panera Fuji Apple Salad. Yum. I was too hungry after my hair cut to take the time to make food.

Scallops in white wine and caper sauce. Delish...and the glass of wine was needed. 





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