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Merlot or hard cider.... Merlot or hard cider....?


Could be book or TV... book or TV....?


Shower or not... Shower or not....?


TBD or fb... TBD or fb...?




Chores or read a magazine...


Laundry or clean the kitchen...


Crossword or Sudoku...


What's for After Dinner?

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I'm loving the Greek yogurt too Ruby!

Just bought the Oikos [hope I'm spelling that right] cause it was on sale. I like it as much as the Chobani.


Taste the same to me too.....Oikos is more expensive here in Fl......the Yoplait Greek was the least expensive  but it only comes in small one serving containers....Still got more oz's for the price though...Will check back when I taste it...still have some of the Chobani left.

When I remember &  have time, I go on-line for what-ever product I am looking for & get coupons...


We went grocery shopping after dinner, had a fun playful time there. "-)

Then I started on a walk w/the dogs while d-man unpacked groceries. By the time he caught up w/us the big shepherd-grizzly bear had decided that the snorting sounds a passing bulldog was making was aggressive. So he tried to eat him. It's okay, though. As d-man says, I'm charmed. By the time he caught up w/us, I was friends w/the bulldog's owner. He's even trying to find a special tool for me that I need to get the lug nut caps off a flat tire on my old Rover! '-)

Now we're veggin' out- d-man reading, me checking in w/you guys, listening to Foo Fighters. I'm gonna give this a few more minutes & then get him to read a few chapters from a suspenseful novel that we're reading.

Quite a lovely Friday evening.

Bought any new clothes yet???

So how far after supperdinner may we relate about?  This morning, I got up and went into town to the Brew-Ha.  I bypassed the big table, and the Misfit Boys (they had a guy sitting with them that even I can't tolerate), and bellied up to the bar instead.     I jawed with the barista and one of my cronies.  Good people! 

I eschewed visiting the donut shop after....I dunno, I was full up with coffee.  I'll catch up with those good folks next week. 

Geez, I almost did the same thing again today.  Now I'm thinking I might be getting set in ways.  I did sit down for a few minutes with the misfit boys, but then moseyed back up to the bar to hang with the barista and my buddy Al.


After that, I stopped and got a few groceries, including a bag of salad greens and a couple of tomatoes.  I gotta clean up my diet....my annual physical is in two weeks.   LMAO!

Good god man...do not say YOU bought salad unless I'm sitting down first...


Get a head start on it, Stir. Salad every day for the next two weeks will  neutralize all the single guy food.

haha... hope you had fun last night, Kooner.


We had a lovely drive home after dinner last night. We drove Little White, topless, so we had beautiful fresh spring air & got to enjoy that gorgeous moon...

got home, walked the dogs, had a nice Scotch, Ducatiman read a few chapters from the book he's reading to me.


...oh. and then we enjoyed some of that beautiful 'gettin'-nekkid-fun' that Kooner was looking forward to. '-)

Gettin nekkid fun? I used to know what that was, been so long I have forgotten......Now it means to go to sleep...:)

Jeez d's....Can't you get arrested for the 'topless' thing?

Sounds like you've had a lovely week end....*sigh*




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