TBD on Ning


Merlot or hard cider.... Merlot or hard cider....?


Could be book or TV... book or TV....?


Shower or not... Shower or not....?


TBD or fb... TBD or fb...?




Chores or read a magazine...


Laundry or clean the kitchen...


Crossword or Sudoku...


What's for After Dinner?

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oh, my gosh. that melts my heart.
I Knew there was another one somewhere.
Too sweet to eat....:0

I couldn't decide b/t an Edy's Blueberry-Acai Frozen Fruit Bar & a Woodchuck 802 Hard Cider.


So I'm having both.

Good choice....or was there really a choice???
You're a man after my own heart, her cowboy. Cheers. '-)

My heart really hurts this week. This song keeps coming up for me.

Hiya, Kooner. Amiss....? well, I have an epic loving relationship, which trumps almost all else, so yes, in that sense it seems odd that my heart could hurt. But I've been in a downward spiral, depressing funk all week. I don't know how to describe it, really, but those who know, know, you know?

The good news is, it seems to have finally lifted today.

Chobani Greek Yogurt...I am now addicted to it. Simply delicious.
I make guacamole out of Greek yogurt...Right now Chobani....but yoplait is making it now too..so..I bought some to try out.....Greek yogurt is plain good to put on baked potatoes or add seasoning as dip for veges...I use it in fresh fruit smoothies too...yum.
I like that is is natural, I use Dannon all natural plain a lot!




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