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OK.....The results are in & I have plain old garden variety Cancer in my right breast.....This is not a sympathy thread because I dont even feel sorry for myself nor do I feel angry. What I am is sort of lost as to the avenue I want to take here. I have several choices.

I can have them go in & remove the lump & opt for radiation.

I can have the affected breast removed & opt for reconstructive surgery.

I can have affected breast removed & NOT have reconstructive surgery which would leave me lopsided.

I can have both breast removed & opt for reconstructive surgery.

I can have both removed & remain flat chested.

I am coming up with a big blank when I try to make any decision so.....I am not asking for advise here as I am going to be doing lots of reading & talking to plastic surgeons, people who administer  Radiation or even(possible) Chemo etc. befor I make any decisions. 

I am just curious to what you all think you might do? I am the same curious gal I have always been & I like you all contrary to what some of you may think. I get over stuff really fast & I find most everyone I have ever met on TBD interesting & worth the time of day...That means all of you.

Yeah, I go over the deep end sometimes...WEll, maybe more than sometimes, but I am really easy going & usually opt for a friend request rather than sit in my anger toward people forever.....Not saying that is wrong either....Just saying there are people here who I miss eventhough we dont get along all the time, I miss their companionship....

I have learned so much here. If you think I am a bad girl now, you should have met me when I first came here full of anger.....

It takes time, but with understanding....People grow. The silent treatment works too, but it is a puinishment......I can see through punishment to what is really behind it, so for those punishers out there.......NANANANANANA.

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Sure will Merry.....I was just thinking about you last night while answering Kitty's post...I hope you are good & looking to do something fun this week-end......We are going to take the coleman stove to the lakefront & cook breakfast there...Better yet I think I will get him to take us to the campground on the other side of lake monroe.....we can walk the trail there & take a few pics....Yes...That's a plan.



   LOL , I've been having alot of fun just hanging out on TBD for the last week or so. Just got done with figuring out how to make a banner for my etsy shop which was supposed to only take a few minutes of my time. They make it sound so simple, the little devils. I almost pulled an all nighter working on it. I'm not sure what to do with myself now that I'm somewhat toasted around the edges. I thought I should listen to Snagg's radio show and put in another load of wash. We had a downpour this morning.Anyway ,I like the way my shop is coming out. So it's all good. If you want to check it's out, it's under Wild Westford Honey. I used to live in Westford , VT.I could use the feedback for whoever is interested in checking it out. 



Camping sounds like a good way to have a talk with the universe. 



Hi Merry.....Funny you mention Etsy.......I just found another good spot  on-line  called Artfire......Something like Etsy, but I think it might be easier to use...I have to check it out first so dont take my word for it...from what little I heard sounds like looking into.

I do lots of crafty things, but lately I have been wire wrapping & I am getting pretty darned good at it...Might take a crack at selling in the future. I am also improving on other things I have made in the past.....Good enough to sell? I think so now.

I have to go clean house, but when I get back I am going to check out your stuff

Talking with the universe sounds like more fun than people sometimes.....I have a hard time understanding them...The universe pretty much handles itself & does very well at that. 

Off & running.......K

I put the shop on hold to wait for the official paperwork to come in the mail. Right now I'm coveting a wood burning tool after seeing a rocking chair that was completely covered in flowers and leaves and birds. So nifty. I've heard of Artfire and I just don't have the energy to learn another site right now. Brownies in the oven, fell off the health food wagon there and ate an entire tub of gummy worms and now brownies. But I did have an omelette yesterday and some downhome cooking.

Ummmmm...Brownies..Yum Yum Yummy. Gummy bears are better off in the gummy hands of children....:)The Bf brought a b-day cake home from the free food place he goes to on Saturdays...A whole cake..can you believe it & I ate some...more than I should have..stupid me..I am a sugar addict, but if its not around me I do very well....Training him about food is a waiste of time ..may as well be talking to a brick wall.....:) Then again when we are in the market he watches what I buy..Go figure.

I am having bacon & eggs tonight...Bacon not being the best.....I think I will make a BLT w/ egg w/ just 2 pieces of bacon on it...kinda scared of bacon, but I do this breakfast thing for dinner about every two or 3 months.....Guess both of us cheat......I am going to bucklel down here though after Friday when I see the doc & make the surgery appointment...I just want it over with.....Wood burning a chair? That is a big step beyond what I do...You must have been doing this for quite some time......I bet it will turn out beautiful......


Actually haven't gotten a wood burning tool yet and just saw an etsy shop where the kid was making beautiful things out of thrift store finds.

 I went down for a nap and it lasted eight hours, guess I was in a brownie coma. They weren't even magic brownies.The bacon just sounds like comfort food , emo eating. I know what you mean about a brick wall, my housemate is a hotdog eater and has diabetes, gee , I wonder why....seriously though , he was exposed to agent orange in Viet Nam and that probably caused the diabetes but hot dogs are just as bad as smoking as far as  a person's health is concerned. Don't feel bad if you slip and eat some emo food, but try to make up for it hey. <3<3<3 us guys care about you.




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