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OK.....The results are in & I have plain old garden variety Cancer in my right breast.....This is not a sympathy thread because I dont even feel sorry for myself nor do I feel angry. What I am is sort of lost as to the avenue I want to take here. I have several choices.

I can have them go in & remove the lump & opt for radiation.

I can have the affected breast removed & opt for reconstructive surgery.

I can have affected breast removed & NOT have reconstructive surgery which would leave me lopsided.

I can have both breast removed & opt for reconstructive surgery.

I can have both removed & remain flat chested.

I am coming up with a big blank when I try to make any decision so.....I am not asking for advise here as I am going to be doing lots of reading & talking to plastic surgeons, people who administer  Radiation or even(possible) Chemo etc. befor I make any decisions. 

I am just curious to what you all think you might do? I am the same curious gal I have always been & I like you all contrary to what some of you may think. I get over stuff really fast & I find most everyone I have ever met on TBD interesting & worth the time of day...That means all of you.

Yeah, I go over the deep end sometimes...WEll, maybe more than sometimes, but I am really easy going & usually opt for a friend request rather than sit in my anger toward people forever.....Not saying that is wrong either....Just saying there are people here who I miss eventhough we dont get along all the time, I miss their companionship....

I have learned so much here. If you think I am a bad girl now, you should have met me when I first came here full of anger.....

It takes time, but with understanding....People grow. The silent treatment works too, but it is a puinishment......I can see through punishment to what is really behind it, so for those punishers out there.......NANANANANANA.

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Do what you feel is best for you. I am glad you left out the other option. Aggie Hug!

Honestly, I am not sure what my game plan would be as far as cancer. Most likely I would not go the chemotherapy route, might investigate the alternative cancer treatments. I saw Suzanne Somers on the Piers Morgan show talking about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy - she had breast cancer and also was misdiagnosed with another inoperable cancer.


A relative of mine had both removed a few years back - she is doing fine. Strange - for some reason every time I see her I instinctively avoid focusing on her chest. Not that I ever stared at her, but it seems now I'm making a conscious decision to always keep my head up when talking to her. Hope she doesn't realize or notice what I am doing. 


Please keep us informed on your status caseyjo.



I'm sorry about your cancer, caseyjo. I think I would do what you're doing- reading, researching, asking questions/advice from medical professionals. And then making the best decision I could w/the facts & options at hand.

I have been at the hospital all day. My sister had a mastectomy. She is going to be okay but it will take a while I think.

Of most of you know that I lost my wife to breast cancer. She had something called triple negative breast cancer. Which means there is  pretty much nothing that can be done. I think it is very rare.

Do what you feel is best for you, Caseyjo.

I didnt know that PA.....I know it was a long hard road for the two of you & she is at peace now...suffering over...Your story gives more hope to others like me who have a common garden variety cancer (I have been told) :).....Every single one of us will end up on a bumpy path in life for one reason or the other & it is good to have friends we can talk to......Keep paaaing along your story..It helps others to be strong...Hugs....K
Dear caseyjo, In my mind, treatment depends on what stage you are. If this has been caught early. I'd go with the least invasive treatment possible. If this a later stage situation, only you can decide (with the help of your DR's) what iis best for you.

Thank-you all for paying attention to me.......I just needed some tender loving care...I dont need much......Thanks loads......The same people always respond to me it seems...The old reliable s who care for many here on TBD whether they be good or bad personalities....You mean the world to me, but I am at my breaking point here I think.....I feel I should go....You know....I have never really fit in...

I feel sad. I think I chase people away...I can be harsh I think....Like when I played People are Strange for Chris after he  played "All the good ones have been taken" & then stated he knew this to be true..I said to myself..H'es full of crap & played the truth the way I see it."People are strange when your a stranger"..never saw him again after that...LOL.....Thats bizarr to say "All the good ones have been taken as if all the ones who have not been taken are bad...He deserved THE Doors in his face...:)....LOL.....I hope he comes back though..no harm intended. I never intend harm....Being brought up around drug addicts as family & then being cleaned up by the same addicts who also got clean...I am used to that sort of looking at self...I had a lot of videos shoved my way in life....Thanks guys & gals

OH....BTW...I have to have a MRI to see how extensive the cancer is......I am claustrophobic.....I am afraid I will blow a fuse in the tunnel......I went to my regular doc today to get a script for Xanex  to help me calm down....I am still afraid I will blow a fuse even w/ the Xanex......Any suggestions...Has anyone here who is claustrophobic ever had a MRI? I see myself hyperventilating & screwing up the whole machine somehow & alienating the whole hospital crew.....Suggestions anyone?

Deeps breaths casejo, Tonight, and tomorrow, (and the day after). It is what it is...and you stressing only makes things worse.

Yeah...... Dang TBD..I am stressed...It's not healthy I know....CRINGE....

Casyjoe,  I am very sorry to hear this news. I am also very sorry to say that I probably can't give you any good advice. Since I am not a female Most of my knowledge about breasts would not apply.  (:>)

Since I have never had cancer, any advice about it would be second hand.

I will say that I admire your ability to study the options and try to figure out what is best for you.

I do expect that you will get some good advice from others here who have gone through the same type situation.

Make sure that the people operating the imageing machine know about the claustrophobia. they must have some way to take that into account.

I think I will send a PM to all my friends asking them to checkin with you if they have any ideas.

I won't do it until tomorrow. If you have any objection to my doing that let me know.

Wishing the best for you.


I had Ovarian Cancer in 2004...almost died & would have because my Dr. would not listen to me...Thought I was trying to get a DR. excuse because I did not want to go back to work....Crazy Dr...Why would I not want to work when my whole life depended on work? It was months of suffering & I kept telling her...."I think its worse than a bad kidney or fibroids"......She said she was finished w/ me & told me if I needed help to go to emergency.....I ended up there & was being sent away when a teck found the Cancer.....I would be dead now if not for that young (on the ball) person....A major operation & chemo did the trick.....The last 7 years of my life have been lived on borrowed time anyway...I am just very lucky.......Robbie....You are so kind....I would like that.




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