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When you're looking for someone for a date or potential relationship, what traits do you find appealing?  We all have things we find attractive in someone else.  I know I need someone with a sense of humor. 

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Of course, then there is Pat Robertson's take on ugly women to consider... http://youtu.be/LLIEfFOCq6o  I don't know why, but it doesn't load.

I like happy people.

I'm happy....probably TOO happy...LOL!!  WOOOOHOOO!!!

You been hitting the wine already today, Suthin?  ;-)

Some wine sounds like fun.  I'd even take a budweiser. 

No.....Budweiser doesn't agree with me.  I'll take a Sam Adams Boston Lager, please.

Sounds like a party.......lol

Sorry, meant that I like people who are naturally happy! :P

Karin, you know me TOO well....LOL!!!

Kindred spirits. 

Well, the sense of humor is a must. Compassion and kindness are also wonderful traits.

I stay away from negative people . . . 

Must love animals,believe the glass is always at least half full, have their own money,be independent and be able to put up with me...




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